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Snow Forecast Through 2/4, Western Pivot

Tomer’s Take: It’s a powder day in the Northeast! I’m forecasting 2-3 additional Clippers through 2/4. Out West, a fast Northwest Flow (NWF) continues then the whole pattern pivots on/about 1/28. This spreads snow and colder temps south through the middle and southern Rockies. Then a quiet period builds 2/1-2/4. My forecast video 1/26: Current […]

Snow Northeast; Western Pattern Pivots

Tomer’s Take: Snow continues in the Northeast into 1/26 then a series of Clippers arrive. A fast Northwest Flow dominates the West until 1/28 when the pattern pivots south delivering big totals. My forecast video 1/25: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the Northwest Flow across the West and big trough with storm system sliding […]

Fast NW Flow then pattern shifts

Tomer’s Take: A fast Northwest Flow (NWF) continues across the West then the pattern shifts south on/about 1/28 with snow returning to CA. My forecast video 1/24: Current Setup Infrared satellite shows a high pressure ridge off the West Coast and NWF racing through the Northern Rockies. Forecast Pattern Forecast jet stream valid 2/2. Active […]

Snow forecast through February 1; Fast NW Flow then Shifting South

Tomer’s Take: A fast northwest flow (NWF) stays in place through 1/28 favoring the Northern tier of the Rockies then the jet shifts south and lower pressures expand across the West into 2/1. My forecast video 1/23: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows a high pressure ridge off the West Coast and NWF favoring the […]

Snow forecast through 1/31; NW Flow Trending Weaker

Tomer’s Take: The jet stream shifts north favoring the Northern Rockies early in the period. I’m still forecasting a fast NW Flow, but it’s trending much weaker. I’ve reduced most forecast snow totals. Then the pattern shifts south with lower atmospheric pressures across the West by the end of January. My forecast video 1/22: Forecast […]

Fast NW Flow West with Big Totals

Tomer’s Take: The Western pattern is changing with the jet moving into a Northwest Flow (NWF) type orientation. Big snow totals are likely through 1/30 in certain preferred NWF locations. Wolf Creek is reporting 10 inches in the last 24 hours. That’s now 66″ in the last 7 days. My forecast video 1/21: Current Setup […]

Fast NW Flow for the West; 2-3 storm systems NE

Tomer’s Take: One last southern track low is sliding through the Four Corners. Then the jet stream moves north into a NW orientation. A fast NW flow sets up with several fast moving cold fronts/low pressures diving south out of Canada into MT, WY, UT, CO. In Northeast, 2-3 storm systems through 1/29 with 1-3 […]

Western Pattern Shift; 2-3 Storm Systems Northeast

Tomer’s Take: A Western pattern shift is underway as the jet gradually moves north and takes on a NW oriented flow. A deeper trough sets up in the Northeast with 2-3 different storm systems lined-up through 1/28. My forecast video 1/19: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows a shifting storm track out West. Storm systems […]

Snow forecast through end of January

Tomer’s Take: A panhandle hooker storm system continues to slide through CO/NM then it becomes a Northeast storm system. The Western pattern then shifts. The jet moves north and higher pressures build across the Pacific and West Coast. Two additional storm systems might deliver big totals to the Northeast on 1/22-1/23 and 1/24-1/25. Wolf Creek, […]

Pattern through February 1

Tomer’s Take: A major low pressure (last of the atmospheric river) slides through UT/AZ/CO/NM next 24 hours with big totals. Then, the pattern shifts north with high pressure ridging over the Pacific Ocean and West Coast. The jet takes a NW orientation favoring PNW/BC/ID/MT/UT/WY/CO. By February 1, a trough might establish itself across the entire […]