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Snow continues PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, CO; What’s Next?

Tomer’s Take: WNW Flow continues to deliver snow in UT and CO through early 12/4 then drier. Light to moderate additional accumulation in ID, MT, WY. Brutally cold and windy above treeline in Colorado with 30-70mph gusts and single digit air temps. Then next storm system hits the Intermountain West 12/7-12/9. A strong intensity atmospheric […]

Mountain Weather Update 12/2: PNW, BC, ID, UT, WY, CO

*230pm 12/2 Update: Lull period for CO & UT then next big push of moisture/snow arrives tonight through 12/3. Tomer’s Take: Snow continues in waves across the PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, CO. The next big moisture push for UT and the C+N Colorado mountain zones arrives Saturday afternoon (12/2) through Sunday (12/3). Looking down […]

Golden combo underway with big totals PNW, BC, ID, UT, WY, CO

*2:30pm 12/1 Update: Bulk of accumulation in Colorado and Utah arrives Saturday evening (12/2) through Sunday (12/3). Tomer’s Take: The ‘golden combo’ of a moderate to strong intensity atmospheric river, stacked WNW Flow, and high ratios is underway in PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, and C+N Colorado mountain zones. It’s a three day event, 12/1-12/3, […]

Big totals with powerful WNW Flow & atmospheric river PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, CO

*Updated 2pm 11/30. Forecast is on track, no big changes.Tomer’s Take: A golden combination of jet power, stacked WNW Flow, and moderate to strong intensity atmospheric river (AR) contribution delivers 1-3 feet of accumulation in parts of the PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, and CO. My forecast numbers for CO are back up – I […]

Big totals likely with powerful WNW Flow pattern in PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, CO

Tomer’s Take: Both jet streams become active and deliver moisture 11/30-12/5. Plus, the northern branch appears to setup a WNW Flow pattern with big snow accumulation in PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, and CO. The rich flow in the PNW is associated with a moderate to strong intensity atmospheric river (AR). My Afternoon forecast video […]

Active Western flow 11/30-12/7 with heavy snow potential

Tomer’s Take: Both jets turn active 11/30-12/7 with heavy snow likely in the PNW, BC, ID, WY, UT, CO. In the Northeast, heavy snow accumulation is possible with a coastal storm system 12/3-12/4. My forecast video: Crystal clear view of Cody Bowl at Jackson Hole. Next snow arrives late 11/30-12/4. Current Setup Water vapor satellite […]

Western pattern turns active 11/30-12/6

Tomer’s Take: A brief ridge of high pressure dominates through 11/29 then it starts to break down. An active pattern takes shape 11/30-12/6 with both jets contributing. My video Forecast: 7 inches in 24 hours reported at Killington, VT: It’s a clear morning at Loveland Ski Area. 12,000ft air temps are around zero. Next snow […]

Snow forecast next 9 days

Tomer’s Take: The higher elevations of the Northeast get moderate to heavy snowfall late 11/26 into 11/27 (with rain at lower elevations). Snow levels start high around 2k-3k then drop with bulk of snow in northern VT, NH, ME. Out West, high pressure takes over through 11/29 then the pattern shifts with both jet streams […]

Weekend Primer & What’s Next through 12/5

Tomer’s Take: Snow is moving out of UT & WY and into CO & NM with snow accumulation through 11/25. Then, the pattern shifts with high pressure ridging 11/26-11/29. The jet resets 11/30-12/5 with a stormier pattern and potential moisture loading on both jets. My forecast video: Forecast Radar & Satellite Forecast Totals Bulk of […]

Thanksgiving Update: Snow through 12/2

Tomer’s Take: A Canadian cold front is diving south through WY into UT, CO and NM 11/23-11/25. Forecast snow totals are down slightly (-15%), but snow ratios remain high with much colder air. Then it’s a drier stretch with high pressure ridging 11/26-11/30. Pattern might turn stormier after 12/1 as jet resets. My forecast video: […]