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New to CO: Avalanche transceiver detection via helicopter

Highlights New beacon technology installed on select Flight for Life helicopters can now be used to locate missing people wearing avalanche transceivers. “This technology is another tool in our toolbox,” says Dale Atkins of Alpine Rescue Team. The helicopter beacon can detect any avalanche transceiver on the market today (at 457kHz). Alpine Rescue Team, Loveland […]

Snow forecast next 8 days: Atmospheric river delivers

I started this Saturday off with a fantastic workout in the Foothills of Colorado. This time I was greeted my much colder temps and an inch of snow on parts of the trail. I also bumped into my friend Justin Becker and we finished the trail run together. Great seeing and chatting with him! Atmospheric […]

Saturday trail run and forecast

I started this Saturday with a workout in the Foothills of Colorado. Ran into good friend Justin Becker and we ended up finishing the trail run together while chatting about mountaineering and this bulletproof area of high pressure. “When will this pattern change? We need snow.” Justin is a great athlete and human being. He […]

Weekend update and Thanksgiving week forecast

I started Saturday with a workout in the Foothills of Colorado. The sunshine was glorious. I could see clouds and a wind signature to the west shrouding the high peaks and ski areas. This is a minor storm system for the ski areas of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. There are two additional storm systems over […]

Kettlebells and Forecasts

I started Sunday morning with a kettlebell workout. Simple and effective! Just the way I like it. For the last 12 months i’ve consistently tried to record these 3-5minute mountain weather forecast videos each day. The feedback has been positive so i’ll keep doing them. If you find them valuable please subscribe to my YouTube […]

Saturday update 10/30

I enjoyed a sunny morning workout in the Foothills of Colorado. Look at that view! Wind was noticeable but it’s stronger in the high mountains above treeline 25-50mph thanks to an approaching cold front. We saw our first skier caught and carried by a small avalanche on Loveland Pass on Friday 10/29/2021. Wind loading has […]

Capitol Peak snow; Is it termination dust?

Snow now covers Capitol Peak and the Elks. Will this end the climbing season for most Summer climbers? The Alaskan phrase for this phenomena is “Termination Dust”. I suspect the answer comes down to how much risk climbers are willing to shoulder. Other peaks that are less technical like Quandary (“walk-ups”) will continue to be […]