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End of Season, Blog Status, La Nina Watch, and Monsoon Forecast

Tomer’s Take: I typically stop regular ski/snow blog posts after April 1 each season. Going forward, I’ll post less frequently with other topics. In this post I cover Western Snowpack, a look back at my Winter forecast, May 2024 forecast, La Nina Watch, and Summer Monsoon forecast. THANKS to everyone who stopped by my Blog […]

Powder Forecast, Storm Cycle through 2/10, El Nino Update

Tomer’s Take: A large storm system continues to move slowly through the Intermountain West. Two additional pieces of energy rotate into the mix and keeps the snow going through 2/10. Then the pattern shifts north 2/11-2/14 with snow targeting the PNW/BC/Northern Tier. A warmer, drier pattern builds 2/15-2/18. 20″ in 24 hours at Alta, UT […]

800 inch all-time record; Snow forecast through 4/8

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting two storm systems through 4/8 plus a cut-off low riding the southern branch. This low could sit and spin for a couple days with snow for CO/NM. Mammoth Mountain set their all-time snow record now at 702″ for the season at the Base. Alta and the Wasatch continue to get pounded. […]

Two storm systems through 4/8; Forecast totals decrease

Tomer’s Take: A change in the forecast has occurred. Instead of three storm systems, I’m now seeing two storm systems through 4/8. This will decrease overall snowfall amounts. The biggest change is to CA’s forecast totals, which have decreased significantly. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows three areas of low pressure but only two make […]

Record breaking snow continues through 4/7

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting three different storm systems through 4/7 with deep snow bullseyes in CA, ID, WA, OR, MT, WY, UT, CO. Season To Date Snowfall A number of these totals are all-time records. The race to 800″ is on. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the powerhouse area of low pressure hitting CA […]

Snow forecast through 4/6

Tomer’s Take: Choo choo! The snow train keeps running through 4/6 with deep snow bullseyes. Record breaking snow totals continue. Deep snow bullseyes in CA, WY, UT, CO, MT, OR, WA, ID. Programming Note: I’ll have a full report on our transition to El Nino coming soon. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the storm […]

Record breaking snow continues through 4/5; CO pushes 700 inches

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting deep snow bullseyes through 4/5 with feet of accumulation in CA, UT, WY, CO, MT. Colorado is pushing 700 inches in a few locations -> 49.5 inches of snow-water-equivalent (SWE) as per Snotel on Buffalo Pass/Tower, CO (Northern Mountains @10620′). A rough conversion puts it around 700 inches of total snow […]

Deep snow bullseyes through 4/4

Tomer’s Take: Three storm systems are lined-up through 4/4 with deep snow bullseyes in CA, WY, UT, CO. Snow records continue fall. Alta, UT and Brighton, UT both broke their all-time season snow accumulation records (748″ and 765″ respectively). My mountain weather forecast video 3/26: Forecast Timing Forecast radar/satellite valid 3/26-3/31: Jackson Hole, WY 3/26: […]

Deep snow through 4/3: Records Broken

Tomer’s Take: Three storm systems lined-up through 4/3 with a continuation of deep snow bullseyes breaking all-time snow records. Heavy snow in CA, UT, WY, MT, CO. 25″/24 hours at Alta pushing them to 749 inches for the season. Alta should break 800 inches. 749 inches breaks their all-time season snow record of 748 inches. […]