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Pattern Shift After 3/21 With Two Storm Systems

Tomer’s Take: A pattern shift occurs after 3/21 across most of the West. Two different storm systems are lined-up through 3/27 for the PNW/BC/MT/CA/ID/WY/UT/CO. Timing Pattern Shift After 3/21, Two Storm Systems. Sierra: Heavy Accum PM 3/22-3/24. Tetons: Light Accum 3/21, H 3/23-3/26. Wasatch: Light Accum PM 3/21, H PM 3/22-3/26. Colorado: Light Accum PM […]

What’s Next?

Tomer’s Take: The waiting game continues for the Central and Northern Rockies with high pressure in control. A pattern shift occurs on/after 3/21. A single storm system and buckling jet delivers moderate to heavy snow accumulation to PNW/BC/MT/WY/ID/CA/UT/CO. A second storm system appears to be missing or much weaker. Timing *Updated 4:15pm 3/18/2024. Totals trending […]

The Week Ahead

Tomer’s Take: It’s a waiting game for the Central and Northern Rockies with high pressure in control. The next pattern shift and storm system(s) arrives on/after 3/21 for PNW/CA/ID/MT/UT/WY/CO. A cut-off low continues to spin across the Four Corners with waves of snow through 3/19. Timing Cut-Off Low Continues across S. Utah/AZ/NM/SW CO. Sierra: Next […]

What’s Next?

Tomer’s Take: The big Colorado storm system is sliding south and retrograding West where it will sit and spin for several days. Accumulation next 5 days occurs in Southern CO, NM, Southern UT, and AZ. It stays high and dry in the Central and Northern Rockies, PNW/BC through 3/19. Then the pattern shifts with a […]

Update: Classic Colorado March Snowstorm

Tomer’s Take: Another 1-2 feet of snow accumulation in the Foothills of Colorado by early 3/15 then snow tapers off. It’s a backbreaker snow accumulation with marginal temps for many locations including Denver. This storm system gets cut-off from the main flow 3/15-3/20 and retrogrades west into AZ/UT. The pattern dries out in the Central/Northern […]

Classic Colorado Snowstorm 3/13-3/15

Tomer’s Take: Major storm system remains on track for Colorado afternoon 3/13 through morning 3/15. I’m forecasting 1-3 feet of total snow accumulation on the Continental Divide-East above 6,000ft, Foothills, Western Suburbs, Palmer Divide, and Southern Colorado. Northern New Mexico could see 10-20 inches. Denver starts as rain 3/13 then changes to snow overnight into […]

Snow forecast UT/WY/CO/NM 3/12-3/15

Tomer’s Take: 1-3 Feet of total accumulation 3/13-3/15 above 6,000ft across Colorado’s Front Range Foothills, Continental Divide and Southern Colorado. Denver gets rain on 3/13 changing to snow overnight into 3/14. Heavy accumulation especially above 6,000ft, west of I-25, and across the Palmer Divide. Significantly less in Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, and Greeley. Timing *Updated […]

Major Colorado Storm System 3/13-3/14

Tomer’s Take: A major Colorado storm system spins up 3/13-3/14 maximizing orographics. Many ski areas could see 1-2 feet of accumulation. Timing *Updated 6pm 3/11/2024. Colorado Low Spins Up 3/13-3/15, totals down slightly. Colorado: Light Accum Tonight-3/12, H 3/13-3/14, L 3/15. Tetons: Light Accum Tonight, M 3/12-3/13. Wasatch: Light Accum Tonight, M 3/12-3/13. New Mexico: […]

The Week Ahead

Tomer’s Take: Light snow accumulation continues across VT/NH/ME into early 3/11. Out West, the stormtrack favors the PNW/BC/Northern Tier through 3/11 then the northern jet buckles south into UT/WY/CO 3/12-3/14 with moderate to heavy snow accumulation. The storm system strengthens in SE Colorado with enhanced snow accumulation on the Divide and across Southern Colorado. A […]

This Weekend

Tomer’s Take: Heavy snow hits the major ski areas of NY/VT/NH/ME the evening of 3/9 through 3/10. Light snow trickles into early 3/11. Out West, the pattern favors the PNW/BC/Northern Tier 3/9-3/11 for moderate to heavy snow accumulation. This pattern and a storm system dives south into ID/WY/UT/CO/NM 3/12-3/14 with moderate to heavy snow accumulation. […]