Snowy Period Ahead through 4/5

Tomer’s Take: Two storm systems are lined-up through 4/2 then a pattern shift occurs with a third storm system dropping south from Canada with heavy snow accumulation.


Two Storm Systems Through 4/2 Then Shift North.

Third Storm System Trending Stronger 4/3-4/6.

Sierra: H Tonight – AM 3/28, H PM 3/29-3/31.

Tetons: H 3/28, L 3/30, H 3/31, H 4/3-4/5.

Wasatch: M/H 3/28, H PM 3/29-3/31, H 4/4-4/5.

Colorado: H 3/29-4/1, H 4/5.

Northeast: L 3/27, H 4/2-4/4.

My forecast update video:

Current Setup

Water vapor satellite shows the first two areas of low pressure lined-up through 4/2.

Orange/red = drier air aloft.

Forecast Radar & Satellite

Forecast Totals

Grand totals by late 4/5.


This assumes temperatures on 4/2-4/4 are cold enough to support snow.