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Big Totals Through 2/29

Tomer’s Take: The main trough of low pressure hitting CA breaks loose tonight and slides through UT/CO 2/21-2/22. The pattern shifts on/after 2/25 when the Northern Jet Branch buckles south and merges with the Subtropical Jet. Big totals likely. Timing *4:30PM 2/20 Update. CA 3-6″ Tonight – AM 2/21. Wasatch 8-16″ Next 24 Hours. Tetons […]

Feet Of Snow Through 2/28

Tomer’s Take: Heavy snow accumulation hits UT PM 2/19-2/21. Light to moderate snow accumulation for the Tetons PM 2/19-2/20. Colorado gets light snow accumulation 2/20 and moderate snow 2/22. California continues to receive heavy snow accumulation now through 2/20. Then the pattern shifts on/after 2/25 with the Northern Jet Branch buckling, merging with the Southern […]

The Week Ahead

Tomer’s Take: Snow in the Wasatch and Colorado ends tonight with another 1-3 inches in the Tetons. The next storm system arrives 2/19-2/22 in UT/CO/ID/WY with moderate to heavy snow accumulation. Big totals possible 2/25-2/28 with northern jet involvement and energy. My afternoon forecast video update: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows a large trough […]

Major Snow Ahead

Tomer’s Take: Moderate snow accumulation hits Tahoe & Mammoth tonight into early 2/18. A wave of light snow accumulation overspreads UT/WY/CO on 2/18. A major storm system delivers 1-2 feet of accumulation in the Sierra 2/19-2/20. This same storm system then hits the Wasatch with 1-2 feet (or more) 2/19-2/21, and Colorado’s Central & Northern […]

Powder Weekend

Tomer’s Take: It’s a powder Friday and a powder weekend with additional snow accumulation likely in ID/UT/WY/CO. A trough of low pressure approaching the West Coast is sending ripples of energy into the Intermountain West generating snow accumulation. Snow Timeline Wasatch 4-6″ Today, 4-6″ 2/18. Tetons 4-5″ Today, 3-5″ 2/18. Colorado 2-8″ Today/Tonight, 1-2″ 2/18. […]

Powder Day! Snow Forecast Next 48 hours & Beyond

Tomer’s Take: The Teton snow bullseye continues next 48 hours with another 12-14 inches. That’ll be three feet in three days. I’m forecasting 6-8 inches today (2/15) across the Wasatch. In Colorado, I’m forecasting 4-8 inches across the Central and Northern Mountain zones 2/15-2/16. My afternoon forecast video update: Current Setup Water vapor satellte shows […]

Snow forecast through 2/23

Tomer’s Take: Storm systems hit the West Coast through 2/23 and pieces break off and hit UT/ID/MT/UT/CO. There are a few snow bullseyes including the Tetons, Sierra, NW Colorado, and Wasatch with feet of grand total accumulation. My afternoon forecast video update: Jackson Hole is reporting 16″ in 24 hours. I’m forecasting another 2 feet […]

Sierra & Teton Snow Bullseyes

Tomer’s Take: The pattern favors two distinct snow bullseyes through 2/22: Sierra & Tetons with feet of grand total accumulation. Overall, it’s a pattern dominated by storm systems hitting the West Coast then weakening and sending pieces of energy/precip into the Intermountain West. My afternoon forecast update video: Snow Timeline Tetons: Now-2/16, 2/18-2/20. Wasatch: 2/14 […]

Shifting Pattern and Snow Bullseye For Tetons

Tomer’s Take: The pattern 2/12-2/15 favors PNW/BC/ID/MT/WY. Then the stormtrack shifts south 2/16-2/22 to favor CA/OR/UT/ID/WY/CO. The overlap between both periods is the Teton Range, WY where I’m forecasting 2-3 feet of grand total accumulation. Overall, the pattern continues trending weaker for most locations. What once looked like a major initial storm system 2/15-2/17 now […]

The Week Ahead

Tomer’s Take: The stormtrack now favors the PNW/BC/ID/MT/WY through 2/15. Then it shifts south 2/16-2/21 to favor CA/UT/ID/WY/CO. The initial storm system is trending weaker/faster, but additional waves of moisture get pushed through the interior Rockies by a strong Subtropical jet. The Northeast gets moderate to heavy snow 2/13 and 2/16. 2/13 stormtrack is trending […]