“There’s simply no one else I’d trust.”

Need a mountain forecast? I provide professional custom forecasts for mountaineers and skiers around the world.

I’ve worked with over 200 Teams over 20 years with a high success rate.

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Prior Jobs

  • K2 (Winter and Summer)
  • Everest (North and South)
  • All 8,000m peaks
  • Denali (all routes)
  • Mount Hunter
  • Peak 11,300
  • Mount Fairweather
  • Snow Leopard Peaks
  • K7
  • Aconcagua
  • Bhutan Snowman
  • Iditarod
  • Many others

New Trends

I’ve assisted with FKT’s, Nolan’s, record speed ascents, new routes, unclimbed peaks, and personal bests.

  • Fastest Known Times (FKTs)
  • Nolan’s
  • Speed Ascents
  • New Routes
  • Unclimbed Peaks
  • Personal Bests

Memorable Projects

  • 2020-2021 forecasting for Mingma G and Team during the first-ever joint summit of K2 in Winter.
  • 2018 forecasting for a Team with the first Afghan woman to summit the highest peak, Mount Noshaq (24,580′), in Afghanistan.


“There’s simply no one else I’d trust. On G2, when everyone else’s meteorologist’s were telling them the window is closed and climbing season is over, Tomer found us one last window and a perfect summit day on G2.” – Ryan Kushner

“I paid professional meteorologist Chris Tomer to give me daily weather forecasts for Everest sent by satellite to my inreach. I’ve found having an accurate weather forecast is perhaps the most important element for success on big peaks like this, and Chris has also forecast for me for big peaks like K2 (2022) and Pobeda (2021).” – Eric Gilbertson

“Chris’ forecasts on Denali were a huge factor in our successful 13-day ascent. We went up when other groups were going down, confident in an upcoming summit window, and found ourselves standing on the summit on a clear, calm day. His morning forecasts kept us plugged in and more frequent updates near our summit push helped us make crucial decisions about when exactly to move. Absolutely an integral part of our successful trip!” – Leo Franchi

“Yeah, Tomer saved my life once with his forecast.  I was trapped on the summit of Peak 11,300 in the Ruth a few years ago.  Zero visibility and we could not find our way down.  We kept getting into trouble trying to find the complicated exit.  We called him and he predicted a short seam of visibility so we hunkered down and like clockwork the visibility improved as predicted just enough for us to navigate around the cracks and cornices to find the traverse and then ridge down.  He’s helped us in Nepal, Peru, and Alaska.  His forecasts are way more accurate than you’ll get from the rangers.  The forecast posted at 14 Camp comes out of Fairbanks and is mediocre at best.  The cool thing with using Chris is you’ll get a jump on other teams.  My first time on Denali we were able to go up when everyone else stayed in camp due to the conflicting forecasts.  Chris’ was accurate and gave us a window to get up there. ” – Keegan Young

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