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Snowy 5-day period ahead for West

Tomer’s Take: Snow continues to fall across the Intermountain West with a WNW flow and powerful jet stream. This is associate with storm #2. Storm #3 is riding the heels of storm #2. Storm #3 delivers the best orographics and possible weak atmospheric river contributions to the Sierra and Interior Mountain West. Period of maximum […]

Next two storm systems inbound

Tomer’s Take: Storm #2 is currently generating snow and strong wind in the PNW, ID, MT, WY, and UT. Storm #3 is riding the jet on the heels of storm #2. Overall, the atmospheric river (AR) intensity remains in question for the Sierra. It looks brief and weak. I decreased snow totals a notch in […]

Snowy two storm combo inbound

Tomer’s Take: As storm #1 departs CO/NM, storm #2 and storm #3 are lined-up. Each could deliver brief atmospheric river (AR) contributions. Each could deliver proper orographics with big snow totals including the Sierra and interior Rockies. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the storm track and atmospheric river setup pointed directly at the PNW/BC. […]

Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take: Three different storm systems likely through 11/10. Storm #1 is currently sliding through UT, AZ, NM, and CO. Storm #2 is part of an Atmospheric River (AR) that nails the PNW/BC then potentially the Sierra. Storm #3 follows a similar track to Storm #2 and delivers another round of heavy snow to the […]

Three storm combo early November

Tomer’s Take: Three different storm systems are lined-up between 11/2-11/10. Storm #1 is currently sliding south through CA and will take a southern track benefitting the southern tier of the Rockies. Storm #2 takes a more central/north track favoring the Central and Northern Rockies. Storm #3 is similar to storm #2. Big snow totals are […]

Three storm combo early November

Tomer’s Take: Now it looks like three storm systems are lined-up between 11/1-11/10. This includes a brief atmospheric river for the PNW between 11/3-11/4. Storm #1 drops south through CA and favors southern tier of the Rockies. Storm #2 stays further north but might drop far enough south to hit CA’s Sierra. Storm #3 takes […]

Two storm combo early November

Tomer’s Take: Two storm systems are lined-up 11/1-11/8 for the West. Storm #1 takes a deep southern track 11/1-11/4 favoring southern tier of the Rockies. Storm #2 takes a northern track 11/5-11/8 favoring northern tier of the Rockies. I like the way this pattern looks at this time. Big snow totals are possible. Current Setup […]

Mountain Weather update 10/30

Tomer’s Take: Current snow bullseye through 10/31: PNW, BC, Banff. The pattern changes and a trough dives south into CA and Intermountain West 11/1-11/7. Low pressure now looks to move quickly through CA with sub-optimal orographics then take a southern track and deliver snow to the southern tier of Rockies. A 2nd low pressure hits […]

Early November storm track and California

Tomer’s Take: Current bullseye is PNW, BC, and Banff through 10/31. That storm system then drops south into CA and southern tier 11/1-11/6. Track and wind field might not be suitable for blockbuster CA snowfall. Track has potential to dig too far south. Storm system affects ID, UT, AZ, NM, CO, and WY 11/1-11/6. Snow […]

Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take: Next storm system hits the West 11/1-11/6 and could include California. (Until then the PNW/BC/Banff are the bullseyes for best snow). Questions loom: How far south and west will this trough dig? Will upper-level winds be suitable for orographic snowfall? This will determine how much snow CA’s Sierra receive. And will this turn […]