Category: La Nina

Strong wind returns 5/8-5/15

Tomer’s Take: A minor storm system is spinning through the Intermountain West this morning with rain and snow. A larger storm system and dip in the jet stream is waiting in the Gulf of Alaska. This will drive the pattern across the West between 5/8-5/15. Some places get snow while others get mainly wind. The […]

Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take: La Nina continues to anchor the pattern across the West through mid-May. It’s the strongest April/May La Nina since 1999. I’m expecting above normal levels of wind, snow, and rain. Across the Intermountain West, a larger dip in the jet stream and trough of low pressure still possible 5/8-5/13. Conditions might ease the […]

Strongest April/May La Nina since 1999

Tomer’s Take: Nino 3.4 region water temps are currently -1.1C. That’s the coldest water temp in this region since 1999. This anchors the atmosphere and the current pattern continues through May. I’m forecasting an active month of May across the Intermountain West with above normal amounts of rain, snow, and wind. The jet stream is […]