Category: La Nina

Two Atmospheric River Surges through 3/16

Tomer’s Take: Two moderate to strong intensity atmospheric river (AR) surges are possible through 3/16 generating deep snow bullseyes. Current Setup Infrared satellite shows an active northern jet branch loaded with areas of low pressure. Forecast Pattern Forecast jet stream valid 3/11. The Pineapple Express in full swing. The flow nails the Sierra like a […]

Atmospheric River and big totals through 3/15

Tomer’s Take: Deep snow bullseyes are likely through 3/15 with a return of a moderate (to strong) atmospheric river 3/10-3/12. 9-day grand totals of 80-90 inches across the Sierra, and 36-40 inches across parts of the Wasatch. Kirkwood is reporting 19 inches in the last 24 hours, and 34 inches in 48 hours. Palisades Tahoe […]

Atmospheric River might return

Tomer’s Take: Three storm systems are lined-up for the West through 3/14. Plus, a weak to moderate intensity atmospheric river (AR) is possible 3/10-3/12 with heavy snow accumulation. My snow bullseyes are the Sierra and Wasatch. Kirkwood is reporting 15″ in the last 24 hours. Mammoth Mountain is reporting 12-14″ in the last 24 hours. […]

Three storm systems through 3/13

Tomer’s Take: The jet stays active for the West through 3/13 with three different storm systems. My mountain weather forecast video 3/13: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows a large trough of low pressure hitting the West Coast with 2-3 feet of snow for the Sierra and heavy accumulation for the Wasatch Front. Forecast Pattern […]

Snow forecast through 3/12

Tomer’s Take: Two storm systems will slide across the West through 3/12. I’m also forecasting excellent snow for the Northeast. Brighton, UT officially cracked 600″! Now sitting at 601″ for the season so far. Alta, UT is not far behind at 589″. Palisade Tahoe is currently at 539″. Solitude, UT is currently at 532″. Mammoth […]

Snow forecast through 3/10

Tomer’s Take: There are 2-3 primary storm systems through 3/10 across the West. Kirkwood is reporting 24 inches in the last 24 hours, and 118 inches in the last 7 days! That’s 526 inches so far this season. Palisades Tahoe is reporting 18 inches in the last 24 hours, and 144 inches in the last […]

Deep Sierra snow; Active pattern through 3/9

Tomer’s Take: The CA Sierra is working on 100 inches in the last 7 days. I’m forecasting another 40-80 inches by 3/9. The active jet pattern continues for the West through 3/9. Kirkwood, CA is reporting 97 inches in the last 7 days. Mammoth Mountain, CA is reporting about 95 inches in the last 7 […]

Snow forecast through 3/8

Tomer’s Take: Active storm track continues across the West through 3/8 with 3-4 additional storm systems and strong jet stream support. Palisades Tahoe is reporting 8 inches in the last 24 hours, and 70 inches in 7 days. Season total: 463″. The next batch of heavy snow arrives this afternoon. Alta, UT is reporting 7″ […]

Active pattern through 3/6

Tomer’s Take: An active jet pattern continues through 3/6 with at least 4 different storm systems lined-up for the West. Current Setup Water vapor shows the low sliding at snails pace through the Sierra. Two additional areas of low pressure are riding its coattails. Forecast Pattern Forecast jet stream valid 3/6. The pattern remains active […]