Snow forecast through 4/6

Tomer’s Take: Choo choo! The snow train keeps running through 4/6 with deep snow bullseyes. Record breaking snow totals continue. Deep snow bullseyes in CA, WY, UT, CO, MT, OR, WA, ID.

Programming Note: I’ll have a full report on our transition to El Nino coming soon.

Current Setup

Water vapor satellite shows the storm system inbound to CA with a heavy slug of moisture. Two additional areas of low pressure are lurking in the Pacific.

Forecast Pattern

Forecast jet stream valid 4/6. Notice the area of low pressure sitting across the West Coast.

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 3/28-4/2.

Alta, UT

The race to 800 inches is on!

3/29: Late 4″

3/30: 6″

3/31: 1″

4/2: 1″

4/3: 15″+

4/4: 2″

Forecast Totals




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