Deep snow through 4/3: Records Broken

Tomer’s Take: Three storm systems lined-up through 4/3 with a continuation of deep snow bullseyes breaking all-time snow records. Heavy snow in CA, UT, WY, MT, CO.

25″/24 hours at Alta pushing them to 749 inches for the season. Alta should break 800 inches. 749 inches breaks their all-time season snow record of 748 inches.

10″/24 hours at Snowmass. Aspen Highlands is headed towards 400 inches for the season.

Record Breakers:

Utah’s snowpack (SWE) is off the charts

Look at the black line (current season) going off the chart! This year’s statewide Utah snowpack is now officially the greatest on record in terms of snow-water-equivalent (SWE) currently at 26.4″ (old record 26″ set in 1983). Other notable years are 1982 and 2011.

Colorado’s San Juan snowpack also a record breaker

CO’s San Juan Basin is currently the greatest on record in terms of snow-water-equivalent (SWE), but it’s still chasing the all-time record SWE of 32 inches set in 1993. Look at the black line (current season) going off the chart! It’s currently at 30.4 inches of SWE (a record breaker). Other notable years include 2005 and 2019.

With snow in the forecast it’s plausible we break the 1993 record.

California’s snowpack (SWE) currently in #2 position

Snow-water-equivalent (SWE) records continue to inch closer to the #1 spot held by 2010-2011 as indicated at the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab. I’m forecasting about three feet of new snow by 4/3 (see forecast charts further down).

Pure snow accumulation records are already being set (or will be very soon). Mammoth and Bear Valley, are two examples.

Forecast Pattern

Forecast jet stream valid 4/3. Notice the deep trough supporting the third storm system of the period. This translates into heavy mountain snow.

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 3/25-3/30.

Alta, UT

3/25: 2″

3/26: 3″

3/27: 1:

3/29: 1″

3/30: 8″

3/31: 8″

4/2: 10″

4/3: 10″

Forecast Totals




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      Thanks, Fred! That puts total season snow accumulation around 700 inches on Buffalo Pass so far. Incredible. Chris

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