Author: christomer

Merger possible New Year’s Eve

Tomer’s Take 2-3 additional storm systems lined-up through 1/2/2022 for the West. Merger possible between two storm systems near the 4-Corners 12/31-1/1. This would generate a larger, stronger storm system for UT, CO, NM, WY. My forecast is based on at least a partial merger. Crested Butte just hit 60″ in the last 5 days. […]

Storm cycle through New Year’s Day

Tomer’s Take 2-3 more storm systems lined-up for the West. Largest storm system and possible merger on New Year’s Eve/Day. Cold blast following this final storm system. The latest infrared satellite reveals the storm track with storm systems lined-up. Let’s look at the final storm systems of this cycle. There are two moving pieces. Pacific […]

Major storm cycle continues through New Year’s

Tomer’s Take 3-5 additional storm systems lined-up through 1/2/2022 for the West. Major additional snow totals measured in feet in CA, UT, WY, CO. 50-110mph wind gusts 12/26 across UT, CO, WY. Uncertainty New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day with potential major storm system merger over UT, WY, CO. Here’s the water vapor satellite […]

Bury the Butte: January 2017

I remember January 4-13, 2017 like it was yesterday. Over a roughly 10-day period the mountain town of Crested Butte received about 100″ of snow. That equated to about 10 inches of snow-water-equivalent. It was a one in 30-year storm cycle. It also included D4-scale avalanches. Most of the major basins in Colorado benefited from […]

Snow forecast through New Year’s

Tomer’s Take Additional big powder days ahead through 1/1/2022 for West. Major trough of low pressure remains in position over the eastern Pacific located just off the West Coast. Jet stream remains in prime position for the West through 1/1/2022. Big wind 50-100mph hits the snowpack of UT, WY, and CO on 12/26. Storm cycle […]

Major storm cycle on track

Tomer’s Take The first large storm system in the series is on track with big totals across the West. Cycle duration lasts through 1/1/2022. Widespread feet of grand total accumulation in the Wasatch, Tetons, and Western Slope ski areas of Colorado. Major avalanche cycle in the backcountry. Overall biggest grand totals through 1/1/2022 at Wolf […]

Focus on UT & CO: Snow forecast through New Year’s

Tomer’s Take The key timeframe is 12/23-1/1 for this major storm cycle. 3-5 different storm systems are lined-up for CA, UT, ID, MT, WY, and CO. Widespread grand totals by 1/1 measured in feet for the Sierra, Tetons, Wasatch, and Western Slope ski areas of Colorado. Major avalanche cycle for the backcountry. Wolf Creek, CO […]

Powder Christmas for many; Major storm cycle

Tomer’s Take Major storm cycle through 12/31 with 4-5 different storm systems rotating through California into UT, ID, MT, WY, and CO. Grand totals will be in feet. Major avalanche cycle in the backcountry if this verifies. Look at the size of the trough developing off the West Coast. It’s huge and will run 3+ […]

Major storm cycle for the West

Tomer’s Take Data is pointing towards a major storm cycle setting up from 12/23-1/1 across the West. 3-5 large storm systems possible. All storm systems will rotate through a major trough of low pressure and prolonged dip in the jet stream. Atmospheric pressures could run 3+ standard deviations below the 30-year average into 1/1/2022. Feet […]

Powder Christmas for the West

Tomer’s Take Active storm track with 2-3 different storm systems through 12/26 for the West. California gets a weak to moderate intensity atmospheric river. Several feet of accumulation by 12/26 at mid-mountain elevations and higher. Widespread 1-2 foot totals at UT, WY, ID, and CO ski areas by 12/26. Current setup: Notice the large low […]