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Forecast Wind, Freezing Level, and Snow

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting three storm systems through 4/29 before high pressure takes control. My forecast video 4/21: Wind Forecast Quandary Peak, CO, Maximum Summit Gust: 4/21: 50mph 4/22: 25mph 4/23: 30mph 4/24: 30mph Longs Peak, CO, Maximum Summit Gust: 4/21:60mph 4/22: 15mph 4/23: 25mph 4/24: 30mph Mount Superior, UT, Maximum Summit Gust: 4/21: 35mph, […]

Two storm systems through 4/29

Tomer’s Take: Snow accumulation continues across PNW/BC/MT/ID/WY/UT/CO. Two additional storm systems will push season totals further into all-time record territory. Projected Melt-Out 50th Percentile Projection: Schofield Pass, CO: June 20 (Dust layer could accelerate) Red Mountain Pass, CO: June 12 (Dust layer could accelerate) Forecast Freezing Level Wasatch, Maximum/Minimum: 4/20: 6100’/5100′ 4/21: 7700’/6600′ 4/22: 7700’/6600′ […]

Active pattern through 4/28

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting three different storm systems through 4/28 for the PNW/BC/ID/MT/WY/ID/CO/UT. Alta, UT is reporting 5″ new snow in the last 24 hours. Season total is 885″. Will they make it to 900″ by May 1? Yes My forecast video 4/19: Forecast Freezing Level Wasatch, Maximum Daily Height: 4/19: 5700′ 4/20: 6200′ 4/21: […]

Projected Melt-Out Dates; Four storm systems through 4/28

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting four different storm systems for parts of the West through 4/28. Forecast Freezing Levels Wasatch, Maximum height of daily freezing level: 4/18: 7500′ 4/19: 6100′ 4/20: 6400′ 4/21: 8000′ 4/22: 9800′ 4/23: 10100′ Colorado’s Central Mountain Zone, Maximum height of daily freezing level: 4/18: 11900′ 4/19: 8400′ 4/20: 6600′ 4/21: 8000′ […]

Pattern through May 1

Tomer’s Take: 3-4 storm systems are lined-up for the West through 4/28. Brief high pressure may develop April 28-May 1. Will Alta, UT hit 900″ by May 1? Yes, it appears likely. Will Aspen Highlands, CO hit 450″ by May 1? 50/50 odds. Will Jackson Hole, WY hit 600″ by May 1? Yes, it appears […]

Three storm systems through 4/25

Tomer’s Take: Active northern jet branch has three additional storm systems lined-up for parts of the West. As mentioned yesterday, Alta, UT could reach 900″. Jackson Hole, WY should easily reach 600″ for the season. High pressure might build for May 1. My forecast video 4/16: Forecast Freezing Level Wasatch, Maximum Height: 4/16: 11300′ 4/17: […]

Alta, UT might hit 900″; Three more storm systems lined-up through 4/24

Tomer’s Take: The pattern is NOT done with the West. I’m forecasting three additional storm systems through 4/24 and about 20 inches of grand total snow at Alta, UT. My forecast video 4/15: Aspen Highlands, CO Aspenweather.net has a great App run by Ryan Boudreau and meteorologist Cory Gates. They’re reporting almost 450 inches of […]

Late April/Early May high pressure ridge?

Tomer’s Take: Pattern stays active with new snow for PNW/BC/MT/ID/WY/UT/CO/NOCA through 4/21, an additional storm system on/around 4/24, then pattern might transition to a ridge of high pressure late April into early May. My forecast video 4/14: Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the primary storm track from the Pacific into the PNW. Forecast Freezing […]

Pattern through end of April

Tomer’s Take: Freezing levels fall today (4/13) through 4/15 then start rising again with warmer air. Storm track favors PNW/BC/Northern Tier through 4/24 then uncertainty. One more photo of the dirty snowpack in Colorado…it’s a good one from Nick Green while skiing in Aspen, CO. Thanks Nick! My blog post yesterday explains this phenomena. Forecast […]

Dirty snow, late April pattern, and snow forecast through 4/21

A high wind event 4/3-4/4 deposited desert dust on Colorado’s snowpack. This seems to occur now every Spring. Dirty snow accelerates the melting of the snowpack by lowering albedo. I co-authored a peer-reviewed article on Colorado’s Dirty Snowpack in 2010. Below, MODIS visible satellite shows the brown tint to the snowpack in some places. Dust […]