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Monsoon season continues in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: This is one of the most robust Monsoon season’s in Colorado in recent memory. It stays active through the end of August. Two events upcoming on 8/20: LT 100 run and Triple Bypass bike race. Two Monsoon surges: 1) Now-8/17 (medium intensity), 2) 8/20-8/22 (Lower intensity). Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the […]

Rain chances this week in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: Two Monsoon surges are on Colorado’s horizon. The first is a medium intensity surge 8/15-8/17. The second is a small surge 8/20-8/22. The LT100 run takes place on 8/20. In Colorado, the seasonal Monsoon normally runs July through August. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the Monsoon plume moving north through New Mexico, […]

Monsoon surge this week

Tomer’s Take: Two surges are lined-up. Peak surge in Colorado occurs 8/14-8/17. This is a medium intensity surge. A second smaller surge occurs 8/20-8/21. This coincides with the LT100 trail run in Leadville on 8/20. Monsoon surges make rain/t-storms more likely. Sometimes the precipitation can start before Noon and last late into the night. Current […]

Mountain weather update 8/12: Monsoon timing

Tomer’s Take: LT 100 Mountain Bike Race: 8/13 LT 100 Run: 8/20 The events will straddle a Monsoon surge 8/14-8/19. Bonus: Elk Range 14er forecast is also below. Monsoon season in Colorado normally runs July and August. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the current Monsoon surge brushing Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and […]

Leadville events next two weekends: Weather

Tomer’s Take: LT 100 Mountain Bike Race: 8/13 LT 100 Run: 8/20 A Monsoon surge occurs in-between plus a cold front. The LT 100 Run on 8/20 is looking cooler than normal with possible residual Monsoon moisture. Details below. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the plume of Monsoon moisture being directed south to north […]

Monsoon on vacation but returns late this weekend

Tomer’s Take: Hot and drier across Colorado through 8/13 with normal afternoon thunderstorm chances. Moisture starts to increase afternoon 8/14. This equates to a large window for FKT’s, high altitude loops, and big outings. Bulk of next Monsoon surge in Colorado occurs 8/16-8/18. Colorado is currently isolated and protected by the position of the key […]

Monsoon surge trending weaker this weekend

Tomer’s Take: Overall intensity of this surge is trending a notch weaker in Colorado. Call it a low to medium intensity surge. The location of most precipitation accumulation is also changing. Overall it’s shifting East/Southeast. It favors the Southern Mountains, Continental Divide and East. Lower precip chances across the Western Slope. Saturday and Sunday mornings […]

Andrea Sansone climbs 12 14ers in under 24 hours setting new FKT

Andrea Sansone climbed 12 14ers in 22hrs16min (supported). Eric Lee set the previous men’s and overall FKT with 11 14ers in 21hrs50min (supported) on 9/19/2020. Becca Jay set the previous women’s FKT with 8 14ers in 18hrs33min (supported) on 7/8/2020. FKT = Fastest Known Time “This project has been a long time coming and there […]

Monsoon arrives and big event forecast update

Tomer’s Take: Peak surge underway. The first surge of Monsoon moisture combined with upper level jet support generated a major hailstorm in downtown Estes Park. Golfball sized hail (or larger) fell just outside Fort Collins in Wellington, Severance, and around Timnath. 1-3 inches of rainfall with a few different lines of thunderstorms accumulated around Fort […]

Monsoon looks robust for next two weeks

Tomer’s Take: The door remains wide open for an active Monsoon through 8/10. Atmospheric moisture values run 150-300% of normal through 8/10 over parts of Colorado – especially the Mountains south of I-70. Drier north of I-70. It’s important to time-out the surges. Life is more normal in-between surges. Two surges in my CO forecast: […]