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Monsoon done for the season in Colorado with one wrinkle

Tomer’s Take: Southerly flow is drying up and Monsoon appears done for the season in Colorado. Isolated afternoon mountain t-storms are still possible at times. But, these t-storms will be fewer, weaker, and lack the torrential rain we experienced in July and most of August. Monsoon Season in Colorado normally runs July-August. This season featured […]

Remainder of August outlook in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: In Colorado, the next Monsoon surge arrives 8/25-8/26. It’s a small to medium intensity surge. Snow is again possible on the 14ers. Telluride Mountain Run 8/27. Forecast below. Looking ahead, the Monsoon gradually fades after 8/26 but still remains present at a low intensity until 8/31. After 8/31, data suggest the Monsoon continues […]

Intermittent Monsoon this week in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: Surge continues 8/22 then a break 8/23-8/24. Next surge is small on 8/25-8/26. Snow is possible on the 14ers with each surge. Telluride Mountain Run 8/27 forecast is below. Looking ahead, the Monsoon turns much weaker by the end of August. Seasonal Shift Eric Holle posted this video on Facebook of snow on […]

Rain chances this weekend in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: A surge of Monsoon moisture is moving into Colorado. This means afternoon rain/t-storms are more likely through Monday. Precipitation chances for LT100 and Triple Bypass are increasing. Early and late precipitation is now possible especially in the Southern Mountains. Snow is possible both Saturday night and Sunday night on the 14ers. Light accumulations. […]

Weekend events: Small Monsoon surge

Tomer’s Take: A small Monsoon surge hits Colorado 8/19-8/22. Bulk of moisture stays in the Southern and Central Mountain Zones. LT100 run and Triple Bypass are 8/20. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows a large wedge of drier air moving into Colorado. The next Monsoon plume is forming to our West in Arizona and Nevada. […]

Aurora possible tonight: Geomagnetic Storm Watch issued

Tomer’s Take: The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) issued a Geomagnetic Storm Watch for a “G3” level storm intensity late 8/17 into 8/18. A G3 is categorized as “strong”. This generates a KP Index of 7. Generally, this brings the Aurora Borealis viewing line south to about 50° latitude. Sometimes locations a little further south […]

Small Monsoon surge this weekend in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: In Colorado, two drier days ahead 8/17-8/18 for the Central and Northern Mountains (& Front Range). Most afternoon t-storms 8/17 stay in Southern Colorado. The next Monsoon surge is smaller but lingers: 8/20-8/23. Afternoon rain/t-storms are more likely on these days. LT 100 run and Triple Bypass bike are 8/20. Current Setup Water […]

Monsoon season continues in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: This is one of the most robust Monsoon season’s in Colorado in recent memory. It stays active through the end of August. Two events upcoming on 8/20: LT 100 run and Triple Bypass bike race. Two Monsoon surges: 1) Now-8/17 (medium intensity), 2) 8/20-8/22 (Lower intensity). Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the […]

Rain chances this week in Colorado

Tomer’s Take: Two Monsoon surges are on Colorado’s horizon. The first is a medium intensity surge 8/15-8/17. The second is a small surge 8/20-8/22. The LT100 run takes place on 8/20. In Colorado, the seasonal Monsoon normally runs July through August. Current Setup Water vapor satellite shows the Monsoon plume moving north through New Mexico, […]

Monsoon surge this week

Tomer’s Take: Two surges are lined-up. Peak surge in Colorado occurs 8/14-8/17. This is a medium intensity surge. A second smaller surge occurs 8/20-8/21. This coincides with the LT100 trail run in Leadville on 8/20. Monsoon surges make rain/t-storms more likely. Sometimes the precipitation can start before Noon and last late into the night. Current […]