Pikes Peak Ascent, Run Rabbit Run, Next Colorado Snow Inbound 9/14-9/15

Tomer’s Take: It’s a busy weekend ahead for athletes with both the Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon and Run Rabbit Run 50/100M. Both events will have weather impacts early in the weekend, drier later. I’m forecasting new snow accumulation above treeline on 9/14 and 9/15 with a cold front and active Subtropical Jet Stream.

Pikes Peak Summit

Snow accumulated on 9/10-9/11. I’m forecasting an additional 3-6 inches between 9/14-9/15.

LIVE summit cam 9/13:


Below is the forecast jet stream valid 9/14-9/15. Notice the active Subtropical jet and cold front merger.


Below is forecast snow accumulation between 9/13-9/15. The lightest blue shade is 1-3 inches with escalating values by color. Some mountain locations above treeline (above 13K in particular) could see 6″ or more.

Mountain & Event Forecast

Pikes Peak, Summit Level.

9/14: PM 1-2 inches snow,10-25mph gusts, 25/37F.

9/15: 2-4 inches snow, 10-25mph gusts, 25/28F.

9/16: AM dry, sun, PM flurries, 10-20mph gusts, 20/39F.

9/17: AM dry, sun, PM 40% rain/snow, 15-25mph gusts, 25/43F.

Run Rabbit Run, 10K Level.

9/14: 100% rain after 8am, 44F to 36F.

9/15: Overcast and valley fog, AM 20% rain/snow, PM 40% rain/snow, 35/43F.

9/16: Dry, sun, 37/52F.

Longs Peak, Summit Level.

9/14: PM 3-6 inches snow, 31F to 21F.

9/15: AM 1-3 inches snow, 20/24F.

9/16: Dry, sun, 21/35F.

Nolan’s Course, Summit Level.

9/14: PM 2-4 inches snow, 20/37F.

9/15: 1-4 inches snow, 23/31F.

9/16: Dry, sun, 19/42F.

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