Category: Meteorology

Snow and wind forecast this week

Tomer’s Take Snow is underway across the Tetons. Next stop is the Sierra, Wasatch and Colorado Rockies. A strong jet stream will keep mountaintop winds blowing 30-80mph (or higher) 4/11-4/12 in CA, CO, UT, NM. Winds flare again in CO and NM on 4/13-4/14. Significant totals likely through 4/15 at mid and higher elevations. Another […]

Snowy period ahead for the West

Tomer’s Take 3-4 different April storm systems will slide across the West through 4/19 with significant grand total snowfall at mid and higher elevations. This will put the brakes on the Spring melt while adding new snow accumulation to mid and higher elevations. Bulk of snow timeline: Wasatch: 4/11-4/13, 4/16-4/17 Tetons: 4/10-4/14, 4/16-4/17 Colorado Zones: […]

April snow next 8 days

Tomer’s Take A series of storm systems will track across the West through 4/17 with significant Spring snow. Many lower elevation mountain basins have started the Spring melt process. These storm systems will put the brakes on that melt and recharge higher elevation snowpacks before the melt re-engages. Timing for bulk of snow: Wasatch: 4/11-4/14 […]

First two weeks of April

Tomer’s Take Active storm track for the Intermountain West through 4/10 with numerous minor, fast-moving storm systems. Snow levels could run high at times. Significant grand total high elevation snow possible. I don’t see much for California. Beyond 4/10, a large dip in the jet stream might overtake the West including California. This could mean […]

Here comes April

Tomer’s Take A series of minor, fast-moving storm systems race through the Intermountain West through 4/9. A larger storm system hits the Pacific Northwest 4/3-4/5 with significant high elevation snow accumulation. April storm systems are normally warmer and snow levels run higher. Infrared satellite shows the storm track and storm systems lined-up. April April is […]

Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take 2-3 different fast-moving, minor storm systems hit the West through 4/8. These are warmer storm systems with higher snow levels at times. Spring skiing is in full swing. Most ski areas start closing in April (see below). Water vapor satellite shows the storm track and storm systems lined-up. Closing Dates Colorado ski area […]

Warm March storm system

Tomer’s Take A warm March storm system is moving through the Intermountain West. Snow levels start high then gradually drop. This will cut down on overall accumulation. The biggest totals occur in Colorado above 9,000ft where 4-12″ is possible. A second smaller, minor storm system races through 3/31-4/1. A similar small, minor storm system races […]

Warm weekend, storm system next week

Tomer’s Take Abnormally warm temps are likely this weekend across the West with 50s and 60s at the base of many ski areas. High pressure stays in control through 3/28 then a storm system hits CA and moves east, 3/28-4/1. Confidence is low on what happens after 4/1. This storm system runs into a very […]