Author: christomer

Big snow totals for the West

Tomer’s Take: 2-3 different storm systems are lined-up for the West through 12/6. Current Setup Visible/Infrared satellite shows a parade of storm systems lined-up including an active southern jet branch. Pattern Forecast The first storm system only brushes CA but nails UT, WY, CO with moderate to heavy snow accumulation, wind, and much colder air. […]

Three storm combo for West and big totals

Tomer’s Take: The pattern is about to turn a lot more active for the West with three different storm systems lined-up through 12/3. Current Setup Visible satellite shows a crowded storm track with several low pressure systems lined-up in the Pacific. The southern branch of the jet stream is also active. Western Jet Stream Storm […]

Thanksgiving update

Tomer’s Take: A much more active pattern for the West looms after 11/27 with widespread snow and colder temps. Current Setup Visible satellite shows the storm track and two low pressure systems lined-up over the Pacific. Both will impact the West, but the first low is minor and fast-moving. The 2nd low becomes a widespread […]

Pattern through December 1

Tomer’s Take: Snow is sneaking through the Western Ridge 11/23-11/24 with a larger pattern change after 11/25. Current Setup Two inches of new snow is reported at Jackson Hole this morning from the “sneaker low pressure”. This snow is headed for the Central and Northern Mountains of Colorado next. Infrared satellite shows the low pressure […]

Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take: Northeast storm system 11/25-11/26 trending much weaker with possible 2nd storm system 11/27-11/28. Current Setup Infrared satellite shows two storm systems that degrade the high pressure ridge. The first low sneaks through 11/22-11/24. The 2nd low has a more a more profound effect across the West on/after 11/25. Northeast Storm System What a […]

Northeast uncertainty; Western Ridge breaks down

Tomer’s Take: Northeast storm system remains in question. Western ridge starts to weaken with moisture sneaking through on 11/22. Current Setup Infrared satellite shows the Western ridge and next low pressure that will push moisture through the ridge into the PNW/BC. Northeast Storm System? Forecast jet stream valid 11/25 continues to show a large dip […]

Northeast storm system; Thanksgiving Pattern

Tomer’s Take: This is an afternoon update with new numbers for the Northeast. It assumes a stronger storm system. Current Setup Infrared/visible satellite shows the storm track, Western high pressure ridge, and amplifying low pressure systems that will eventually displace the high. Afternoon Update: New Numbers for East This assumes a stronger East Coast storm […]

East/West see-saw through Thanksgiving

Tomer’s Take: Current Setup Infrared satellite shows the robust ridge over the PNW/BC/AK and ridge amplifiers to its West over the NPAC. This also creates the see-saw jet pattern with large trough over the East. Thanksgiving Pattern High pressure remains strong through 11/24 with jet axis bending far north into Canada. This leaves most of […]

Thanksgiving Pattern: East and West

Tomer’s Take: Current Setup Infrared satellite shows the storm track, fast N-S jet flow with cold front, and robust PNW high pressure ridge. Thanksgiving Pattern Forecast jet stream flow on Thanksgiving 11/24 shows the shifting pattern with the jet axis bending far to the north. Some moisture feeds into the PNW/BC/Banff. The trend is for […]

Snow forecast through Thanksgiving

Tomer’s Take: Current Setup Infrared satellite shows the storm track, robust Eastern Pacific high pressure ridge, and strong cold front racing through MT, WY, CO on a fast N-S jet. Thanksgiving Pattern Shift Forecast jet flow valid 11/18 shows the robust PNW high pressure ridge and fast N-S jet flow through MT, WY, CO. Forecast […]