June Looks Wet

Tomer’s Take: I’m forecasting a wetter than normal start to June across the Intermountain West. Why? Extra moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean will flood the atmosphere. The door is wide open at all key atmospheric levels. Precipitable water anomalies run 100-300% of normal. This extra moisture fuels widespread afternoon rain and thunderstorms. This will hold temperatures down.

Light snow is possible above 12,000 feet in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming between Thursday (6/1) and Friday (6/2).

Normally, mid to late June offers some of the driest air of the year but that could be in jeopardy.

Rich Flow

Valid 6/3/2023: Forecast precipitable water anomalies run 100-300% of normal in CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, NV, AZ, and NM (green and blue shades). This pattern stays entrenched through at least 6/9.

Powerful Subtropical Jet

Valid 6/2/2023: This opens the door to extra moisture and areas of low pressure to hit the Intermountain West.

Lower Pressures Dominate

Valid 6/7/2023: A deep trough over the Southwest and Southern States keeps unsettled weather locked-in. If this pattern doesn’t change then expect a continuation of above normal precipitation into mid June.

Total Precip June 3-13

Total precipitation across the Intermountain West could run 300-500% of normal in the blue shaded areas (via Climate Forecast System). This is an incredible bullseye for June.

Forecast Freezing Level

Southern Mountains of Colorado, Daily Max/Min:

5/30: 14600’/13300′

5/31: 14600’/12100′

6/1: 13000’/10800′

6/2: 12300’/11600′

6/3: 13300’/12100′

6/4: 14800’/13600′

Wasatch Mountains, Utah:

5/30: 13600’/12800′

5/31: 13600’/13300′

6/1: 13100’/12800′

6/2: 13100’/12300′

6/3: 13500’/12300′

6/4: 14300’/13300′

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 5/30-6/3.

4 thoughts on “June Looks Wet

  1. John C Dawley

    My quick take is that we in the NE (northeast or New England) area remain ‘dry’ till mid month – fair read?

  2. John C Dawley

    My read therefore would cause me to conclude that we in the NE will remain ‘dry’ for a spell, until the currents allow for the ridge to drive northward or westward – fair?

    1. christomer Post author

      Hi John, the Northeast looks about normal through mid June with an estimated 100% of average precipitation. Chris

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