Foot of snow in Colorado; Monsoon-esque Flow 5/14-5/15

Tomer’s Take: A foot of snow has fallen above 10,000ft in parts of Colorado including Arapahoe Basin and Loveland Ski Area. 4-day rain totals in Denver now exceed four inches! What’s next? This storm system exits Colorado but a new push of moisture is likely 5/14-5/15. It resembles a Monsoon flow normally seen in July-August.

Arapahoe Basin, CO is reporting 13 inches of new snow in the last 48.

Loveland Ski Area is coated in 10-12 inches of new snow.

Forecast Freezing Level

Colorado’s Central Mountain Zone, Daily Max/Min:

5/12: 12500’/10000′

5/13: 11600’/10500′

5/14: 11600’/10600′

5/15: 12800’/11800′

5/16: 14400’/12500′

Wasatch Mountain, UT:

5/12: 11300’/10300′

5/13: 11600’/11000′

5/14: 12800’/12000′

5/15: 13500’/12600′

Record Rainfall in Denver

Some of the biggest rainfall totals since the 2013 Flood but that occurred in September.

4-Day Totals:

Forecast Pattern

Forecast jet stream valid 5/14. Notice the light jet winds now turning from the South. This will open the door and escort new Monsoon-esque moisture into NM, AZ, CO, and parts of UT.

Forecast jet stream valid 5/20. Big high pressure ridging and light flow. Some moisture surging from the south continues.

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 5/12-5/17:

Forecast Snow Totals


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  1. Randy+Martin

    We measured 6.18” here at our house this week. Thankfully having that spread out over a couple of days prevented flooding

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