Fast NW Flow for the West; 2-3 storm systems NE

Tomer’s Take: One last southern track low is sliding through the Four Corners. Then the jet stream moves north into a NW orientation. A fast NW flow sets up with several fast moving cold fronts/low pressures diving south out of Canada into MT, WY, UT, CO. In Northeast, 2-3 storm systems through 1/29 with 1-3 feet.

My forecast video 1/20:

Current Setup

Water vapor satellite shows the shifting storm track out West.

Forecast Pattern

Forecast jet stream valid 1/29. Notice the fast jet stream running N-S through MT, WY, UT, CO.

Early February

Below is the EPS forecast atmospheric pressure anomalies (mid atmosphere) valid late 2/3. The high pressure ridge retrogrades towards the Bering Sea allowing lower pressures to build across the West.

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 1/20-1/25.

Forecast Totals

Forecast snow totals (inches) valid 1/20-1/22.

Forecast snow totals (inches) valid 1/23-1/29.

Forecast snow totals (inches) valid 1/20-1/29.

Storm timeline:

1) Today

2) 1/22-1/23

3) 1/25-1/26

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  1. Debra and John

    Thanks Chris for all the great weather info! Love the maps!!
    We are so happy to see that you are using your skills in a new and better environment as well.

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