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Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take The West is largely dominated by high pressure. A few small cold fronts will sneak through the eastern periphery through 1/23 with minor snow accumulation in MT, WY, UT, and CO. Ski the Northeast this Sunday-Monday with a Nor` Easter on tap. When will this pattern change for the Intermountain West? It could […]

New to CO: Avalanche transceiver detection via helicopter

Highlights New beacon technology installed on select Flight for Life helicopters can now be used to locate missing people wearing avalanche transceivers. “This technology is another tool in our toolbox,” says Dale Atkins of Alpine Rescue Team. The helicopter beacon can detect any avalanche transceiver on the market today (at 457kHz). Alpine Rescue Team, Loveland […]

The Sunrise of Life

My good friend Ryan Kushner sent me this outstanding sunrise video from Monday morning on the 14,265′ summit of Quandary Peak, CO. I’ve climbed mountains with Ryan for 16 years. He’s climbed all over the world including G2, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Denali, and South America. I’m sure Ryan has something big planned soon! Tomer’s Take A […]

Waiting game for the West

Tomer’s Take A weak to moderate intensity atmospheric river continues in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia through 1/13 then ends. I’m forecasting zero snowfall in CA and UT through 1/20. Large high pressure dome dominates the West and Intermountain West through 1/20 with a couple minor fronts. Waiting game: when will the high pressure […]

Snow forecast next 8 days across the West

Tomer’s Take Reversal of fortune for the West after a 2-4 week solid storm cycle. Splitting jet stream and high pressure builds in through 1/18 with only minor fronts. Warmer and drier than normal in CA, UT, WY, CO, NM. Potential break in the pattern by 1/19 or later. The best snow with an active […]

Reversal of fortune for the West; atmospheric river PNW

Tomer’s Take Reversal of fortune for the West after 2-3 solid weeks of back to back active storm cycles. Large dome of high pressure building across the Intermountain West through 1/15. A warmer and drier than normal 6 day period for CO, UT, WY, MT, ID, NM, and CA as a split jet develops over […]

Snow forecast next 8 days across the West

Tomer’s Take Final storm system of this cycle. Then high pressure builds. Drier, warmer period 1/9-1/14 for the Intermountain West. Pattern might change after 1/14. Notice the storm track and lurking high pressure dome on the water vapor satellite image. High Pressure A ridge of high pressure builds 1/9-1/14 across the Intermountain West. When does […]

Big powder next few days across the West

Tomer’s Take Best snow occurs through 1/8 across the West then higher pressures build. Bulk of accumulation in Utah occurs on 1/5 and 1/8. Bulk of accumulation in Colorado occurs on 1/5, 1/6, and 1/8. 1-3 feet in the Pacific Northwest through 1/7. Water vapor satellite reveals a powerful northwest flow oriented jet stream and […]

Snow then high pressure for the West

Tomer’s Take Periods of heavy snow through 1/7 for the PNW with 2-3 additional storm systems. Then high pressure builds for a few days. Jet stream shifts south through 1/8 and pushes heavy snow into ID, MT, WY, northern UT, and the Central & Northern Mountain zones of Colorado. Then high pressure builds 1/9-1/13. Totals […]

Big totals for the West next 5 days

Tomer’s Take Active jet stream with 3-4 storm systems for the PNW, B.C., ID, MT, and WY. Feet of total accumulation. Then, the storm track shifts south and hits northern Utah and the Central & Northern Mountains of Colorado with major snow accumulation (1/4-1/8). After 1/8, high pressure builds into the Intermountain West. The key […]