Weekend Wind, Freezing Levels, and Monsoon-esque Flow

Tomer’s Take: A rich flow of moisture moves into CO and NM 5/13-5/15. It resembles the Monsoon, which typically occurs in July-August. There is a little snow in the forecast above 11,000ft.

View from the Continental Divide at Loveland Ski Area this morning. I’m forecasting light snow tonight with a better chance of accumulating light/moderate snow on Sunday and early Monday (5/14-5/15).

Forecast Freezing Level

Wasatch Mountains, UT, Daily Max/Min

5/13: 11500’/10800′

5/14: 13100’/10800′

5/15: 13800’/13000′

5/16: 13800’/13500′

Colorado’s Southern Mountains:

5/13: 12100’/10700′

5/14: 12500’/10800′

5/15: 14300’/11800′

5/16: 15000’/13100′

Forecast Wind Gusts

Mount Superior, UT, Max Gust:

5/13: 25mph

5/14: 35mph

5/15: 20mph

5/16: 15mph

Quandary Peak, CO, Max Gust:

5/13: 20mph

5/14: 25mph

5/15: 20mph

5/16: 25mph

Forecast Pattern

Forecast Jet stream valid 5/14. Notice the light wind across the Intermountain West. And, that wind has turned southerly. This opens the door for new moisture transport from the Gulf of Mexico.

Rich Moisture Transport: Precipitable Water Anomalies run high (+2 standard deviations) on 5/14-5/15, especially in NM & CO.

Forecast jet stream valid 5/22. High pressure ridging and light wind across the Intermountain West.

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 5/13-5/18. Notice the rich moisture feed on 5/14-5/15 in Colorado and New Mexico. Rain is likely with very high mountain snow.

Forecast Snow Totals