Tropical remnants 9/13-9/17

Tomer’s Take:

  • Mega High breaks down 9/9.
  • Wildfire smoke circulating.
  • Tropical remnants fill the void 9/13-9/17.
  • Light mountain snow possible.
  • Run Rabbit Run forecast below.

Current Setup

You can see where the tropical remnants will come from in on this water vapor satellite image.

Water vapor satellite, 9/7/2022 6:15am.

Wildfire Smoke

Smoke is circulating from wildfires in ID, OR, and CA.

Look at the thick smoke over the Tetons on 9/6. Photo taken by Pilot Chad Andrews (@crjcaptchad):

Teton wildfire smoke, 9/6/2022 Chad Andrews.

Forecast image below valid Noon 9/7.

Vertically Integrated Smoke valid Noon 9/7.

6pm 9/7:

Vertically Integrated Smoke valid 6pm 9/7.

Will the wildfire smoke stay in Colorado this weekend? Yes.

Tropical Remnants

After the Mega High breaks down what fills the void? Remnants from a tropical system. Forecast image below valid 9/15.

Precipitation forecast valid 9/15/2022, Euro interpretation.

Impacts in UT, WY, CO:

  • Valley rain showers 9/13-9/17.
  • Light snow on the highest peaks.
  • Air temps drop.
  • Gusty wind above treeline 20-50mph.

Run Rabbit Run 9/16-9/17

The trail run takes place in/around Steamboat Springs, CO.

DayPrecip %
9/15PM 60%
9/16PM 50%
9/17PM 40%
9/18PM 30%

Mid-atmosphere relative humidity shows the moisture across the northern half of Colorado on 9/16-9/17.

Mid-atmosphere (~15K) relative humidity, Euro interpretation.

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    1. christomer Post author

      Hi Dan, at this point no. Friday appears to have the higher chance for afternoon rain showers with plenty of sunshine early in the day. Breezy both Friday and Saturday afternoon at higher elevations. Chris

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