Snow is falling in Colorado along with soaking rain

Tomer’s Take: Snow is falling above 10,000ft in Colorado while Denver gets soaking rain through 5/12. Large, widespread hail nailed Denver and the Front Range last night. That risk has now passed as the storm system has “cooled”.

I’m also watching a Monsoon-esque flow 5/14-5/15 as atmospheric wind turns southerly pulling up Gulf Moisture into NM and parts of CO.

View on top of the Divide at 12,700ft from Loveland Ski Area:

Forecast Freezing Level

Colorado’s Central Mountain Zone, Daily Max/Min:

5/11: 11100’/10000′

5/12: 12300’/10100′

5/13: 10800’/9800′

5/14: 11800’/10800′

5/15: 13800’/12000′

Forecast Wind Gusts

Quandary Peak, CO:

5/11: 40mph

5/12: 40mph

5/13: 20mph

5/14: 30mph

5/15: 20mph

Mount Superior, UT:

5/11: 20mph

5/12: 20mph

5/13: 25mph

5/14: 30mph

5/15: 15mph

Forecast Pattern

Forecast jet stream valid 5/14. Notice the large overall ridge with Northern Branch running through Canada. Weak southern branch from cut-off low turns wind southerly. This opens the door for Monsoon-esque flow Sunday 5/14-5/15. Rain moves into the NM and parts of CO.

Forecast jet stream valid 5/19. Mostly high pressure ridging with weak wind across the Intermountain West.

Monsoon-esque Flow 5/14-5/16

Forecast Timing

Forecast radar/satellite valid 5/11-5/16.

Heavy Rain

Flash flooding possible across Denver, Front Range, and Eastern Plains on 5/11 and early 5/12.

Forecast Totals


A-Basin, CO Snow Timeline:

5/11: 4″

5/12: AM 2″

5/13: PM 3″

5/14: 1″

2 thoughts on “Snow is falling in Colorado along with soaking rain

  1. Bill Morgan

    Nearly 4″ of wet heavy snow in Westcliffe CO, 8,000 ft., after rain showers all night. Very welcome indeed.

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