Gates & Boudreau: Winter Outlook 2022-2023

Tomer’s Take:

  • Meteorologist Cory Gates and Ryan Boudreau released their official Winter Outlook 2022-2023 with heavy focus on Aspen/Snowmass.
  • I featured their outlook last winter and it was incredibly accurate for the Aspen Zone.
  • You can follow and subscribe to their weather updates on
  • I released my Winter Outlook last week.

Here’s the full PDF file courtesy Gates and Boudreau.

3 thoughts on “Gates & Boudreau: Winter Outlook 2022-2023

  1. Linda Ziccardi

    Wow super interesting- thanks for sharing. Looking at their figures, it seems their forecast would hold also for Summit County and northern CO, but southern CO would fall into the below average category – am I interpreting correctly? 2010/11 was epic! I hope their predictions are good.

  2. Max

    What do you think about the potential impact of the massive stratospheric cooling that’s going on in the S hemisphere from the volcano eruption in January?

    It’s still going strong and is on it’s way towards the PV

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