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Powder day! One more storm system then high pressure

Tomer’s Take It’s a powder day in the Wasatch, Tetons, and the Central & Northern Mountains of Colorado. Parts of the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre in Wyoming received 30 inches or more. There’s one more storm system sliding down the jet stream between Friday-Saturday for ID, MT, WY, UT, and CO. Then high pressure […]

Big powder next few days across the West

Tomer’s Take Best snow occurs through 1/8 across the West then higher pressures build. Bulk of accumulation in Utah occurs on 1/5 and 1/8. Bulk of accumulation in Colorado occurs on 1/5, 1/6, and 1/8. 1-3 feet in the Pacific Northwest through 1/7. Water vapor satellite reveals a powerful northwest flow oriented jet stream and […]

Snow then high pressure for the West

Tomer’s Take Periods of heavy snow through 1/7 for the PNW with 2-3 additional storm systems. Then high pressure builds for a few days. Jet stream shifts south through 1/8 and pushes heavy snow into ID, MT, WY, northern UT, and the Central & Northern Mountain zones of Colorado. Then high pressure builds 1/9-1/13. Totals […]

Big totals for the West next 5 days

Tomer’s Take Active jet stream with 3-4 storm systems for the PNW, B.C., ID, MT, and WY. Feet of total accumulation. Then, the storm track shifts south and hits northern Utah and the Central & Northern Mountains of Colorado with major snow accumulation (1/4-1/8). After 1/8, high pressure builds into the Intermountain West. The key […]

Big end to 2021; Forecast into 2022

Tomer’s Take Final storm system merger underway for 2021 in UT, CO, NM, WY. Looking into 2022, the storm track shifts north to favor the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Banff area, ID, WY, MT. Plan on major snow accumulation of 25-60″ at Stevens Pass, Baker, Rainier, Whistler/Blackcomb, Timberline, and Bachelor. Then the jet stream shifts […]

Merger marks end of storm cycle; what’s next?

Tomer’s Take Merger of two different storm systems next 72 hours over 4-Corners marks the final piece of this historic storm cycle. Cold blast follows this merger. Brief break in the action across Intermountain West with small high pressure Sunday-Monday. Then next Pacific storm system hits the Intermountain West after 1/4. Grand total storm cycle […]

A look at New Year’s and Beyond

Tomer’s Take My forecast includes at least the partial merger of two storm systems over the 4-Corners between Thursday night and Saturday morning. Heavy snow in UT, CO, and NM between Thursday night-Saturday morning. In Colorado, the bullseye is Western Slope ski areas and San Juan ski areas. This final storm system will mark the […]

Merger possible New Year’s Eve

Tomer’s Take 2-3 additional storm systems lined-up through 1/2/2022 for the West. Merger possible between two storm systems near the 4-Corners 12/31-1/1. This would generate a larger, stronger storm system for UT, CO, NM, WY. My forecast is based on at least a partial merger. Crested Butte just hit 60″ in the last 5 days. […]