Author: christomer

Update: Next Storm System 1/17-1/18

Tomer’s Take: The next storm system and WNW Flow remains on-track for 1/17-1/18 delivering moderate to heavy snow in BC/WA/ID/MT/WY/UT/CO. Looking down the road, a warmer Pacific flow pattern takes shape 1/19-1/25. My afternoon forecast video update: Season Totals Crystal clear and cold in Vail, CO this morning after 3-4 feet of new snow in […]

Next storm system 1/17-1/18

Tomer’s Take: Grand totals hit 86 inches with this storm cycle (Over 6″SWE, Alta, UT, Buffalo Pass, CO). What’s next? A storm system and efficient WNW Flow delivers moderate to heavy snow accumulation to BC/WA/ID/MT/WY/UT/CO 1/17-1/18. Beyond this, a warmer Pacific flow pattern takes over 1/19-1/24. My afternoon forecast video: Forecast Jet Stream Storm system […]

Reinforcing Cold Front 1/15, Next Storm System 1/17-1/18 Delivers Snow to BC/WA/ID/MT/UT/WY/CO

Tomer’s Take: A reinforcing cold front drops south through Tetons tonight and into UT/CO by 1/15. Snow starts back up in the Tetons and continues in WY & CO with additional accumulation into 1/15. The next storm system and WNW Flow arrives 1/17-1/18 with moderate to heavy snow potential in British Columbia/WA/ID/MT/WY/UT/CO. A new Pacific […]

Next Snow Surge Tonight Through 1/15, Arctic Front, Jet Blast

Tomer’s Take: Brutal morning across UT/CO with a jet blast (100mph gusts), low visibility, and below zero air temps. Wind continues through this afternoon. The next surge of snow arrives tonight through 1/15 with the main storm system rotating out of OR/CA. Feet of snow yet to accumulate. My afternoon forecast video update: Wind Gust […]

This Weekend

Tomer’s Take: Powder weekend ahead, but use extreme caution! Feet of additional accumulation likely in UT/CO/OR. An Arctic front and storm system are inbound 1/12-1/15. Snow increases afternoon 1/12 in UT/CO along with 40-70mph wind gusts raking the high peaks of WY/CO/UT. Strong wind continues into 1/13. Snow decreases in WY afternoon 1/12 as the […]

Storm Hand-off, Arctic Blast, Heavy Snow & Strong Wind

Tomer’s Take: Today is transition day with a storm system hand-off. Snow continues 1/11 in CO/NM diminishing from north to south. Then snow redevelops WA/OR/MT/ID/WY/CO on 1/12 as an Arctic front barrels south. Air temps run 30 to 50 degrees below normal. A storm system rides this Arctic front with strong orographics, high snow ratios, […]

Powerful storm systems and big totals through 1/19

Tomer’s Take: The next wave of snow hits UT/WY/CO afternoon 1/10 through 1/11. Then another storm system and Arctic front hits the West 1/12-1/15 with strong orographics, high snow ratios, and a jet blast. Snow squalls are possible in UT & CO 1/12-1/14. Another storm system 1/16-1/19 hits BC/MT/ID/WY/CO with a NW type flow. In […]

Storm systems on both coasts through 1/17

Tomer’s Take: A powerful storm cycle continues with storm systems on both coasts through 1/17. Out West, a blizzard (storm #2) hammers OR/WA 1/9. This storm system then moves into the Interior Rockies 1/9-1/11. Storm #3 delivers an Arctic front 1/12-1/15. Another storm system hits the PNW then Interior Rockies 1/16-1/17. In the Northeast, each […]

Storm cycle continues through 1/15

Tomer’s Take: Storm #1 exits CO/NM later today (1/8). Storm #2 dives south into the West 1/9-1/11. Storm #3 arrives 1/12-1/15 with an Arctic front. In the Northeast, the next storm system arrives 1/9-1/10 followed by another storm system 1/12-1/13. A third storm system is possible on 1/17. My afternoon forecast video update: Wolf Creek, […]

The Week Ahead

Tomer’s Take: Storm #1 continues into 1/8 and then exits CO/NM. Storm #2 arrives 1/9-1/11. Storm #3 is the most interesting and most significant with Arctic air, robust jet support, high snow ratios, and big accumulation. Feet of grand total accumulation across most mountain ranges by 1/16. The Wasatch totals with storm #3 are trending […]