Merbok takes aim at Alaska; Weekend events in Colorado

Tomer’s Take:

  • Remnants from Typhoon Merbok to bring 50ft seas and 70mph wind gusts to Alaska.
  • In Colorado, remnants from Kay and a jet streak keep rain/snow and gusty wind going in the Central and Northern Mountain zones 9/15-9/17.
  • Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon and Run Rabbit Run events occur this weekend.

Current Setup

Water vapor satellite shows the remnant tropical moisture continuing to influence Colorado as winds turn counterclockwise around the low. Orange/red = drier air aloft.

Water vapor satellite 9/15 6:20am.


The track Typhoon Merbok’s remnants is noteworthy. Talk about a recurvature.

Impacts: 50ft swells and 70mph wind gusts. Impressive forecast graphics from the GFS valid 9/16-9/17.

On Denali, it’s more of a glancing blow with outer bands from Merbok. I’m forecasting 90mph gusts and snow.

Wave height forecast valid 9/16-9/17, GFS interpretation.
10m wind and SLP GFS forecast valid 9/16-9/17.

Colorado Weekend Events

Pikes Peak

  • 9/16: AM dry, PM 50% rain/snow/thunder, 15-35mph summit gusts, 20s/40s (low/high) summit air temps.
  • 9/17: Dry, 20-35mph summit gusts from SW.
  • 9/18: Dry, 30-40mph summit gusts from SW.

Run Rabbit Run

  • 9/16: AM 10%, PM 80% rain/thunder, 15-35mph gusts from SW.
  • 9/17: AM 10%, PM 60% rain/thunder, 15-30mph gusts from S.
  • 9/18: Dry, 15-30mph gusts from SSW.

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