Tropical remnants, Pikes Peak, Run Rabbit Run

Tomer’s Take:

  • Double trouble with a Pacific low and Tropical remnants this week.
  • Weekend pattern dominated by a jet streak and fast-moving cold fronts over Colorado.
  • The bulk of rain/snow move through Colorado on 9/14-9/15.
  • Smoke forecast looks good for the weekend (see below).
  • Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon 9/17-9/18.
  • Run Rabbit Run 9/16-9/17.

Current Setup

Double trouble. Two low pressure systems lined-up for Colorado. Water vapor satellite. Red/orange = drier air aloft.

Double trouble. Two low pressure systems lined-up for Colorado. Water vapor satellite 9/12/2022 5am.

Pikes Peak and Run Rabbit Run

By the time we get to the weekend, a very Fall-like pattern establishes itself. A jet streak arrives and delivers a few different cold fronts that brush the Northern Mountains. Wind and scattered rain/snow showers possible.

Notice the dip in the jet stream below:

Jet stream forecast valid early 9/18/2022, Euro interpretation.
PikesAMPMGusts (mph)
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon forecast.
RRRAMPMGusts (mph)
Run Rabbit Run forecast.

Precipitation forecast early 9/17/2022:

Precipitation forecast early 9/17/2022, Euro interpretation.

Smoke Forecast: 5am Saturday 9/17

Yellow, orange, and pink = light, moderate, extreme smoke concentrations (respectively).

Smoke forecast valid 5am 9/17/2022.

5 thoughts on “Tropical remnants, Pikes Peak, Run Rabbit Run

  1. Randall

    Greetings! I’d like to take a guess at Tomer’s favorite lift serviced ski areas.
    (based off my knowledge watching and blogging the MVM)

    1) Loveland
    2) Alta
    3) Taos
    4) Mt. Shasta
    5) Jackson Hole

    Feel free to correct or edit.

      1. christomer Post author

        Great guesses, Randall! Loveland is definitely near the top for me. Alta and Jackson Hole are there too. Spend a lot of time on other backcountry high peaks here in Colorado. Chris

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