Storm cycle continues through 2/12 with feet of additional accumulation

Tomer’s Take: CO Panhandle Hooker delivers heavy wet snow accumulation with additional accumulation at Loveland/Winter Park/A-Basin/Keystone/Eldora through tonight making Sunday a powder day. Utah turns drier until PM 2/5-2/9 with 3 feet inbound. Snow continues 2/4 WY/MT. Next storm system hits CA 2/4-2/5 with feet of Sierra snow and 6 months worth of rain in Los Angeles then it moves into the interior with heavy snow accumulation 2/5-2/9. Additional 2-3 storm systems 2/9-2/12 with moderate to heavy accumulation from CA through Central Rockies.

My afternoon forecast video update:

CO Panhandle Hooker Storm System

Impressive features with this storm system including enhanced upslope flow, frontal boundary, and barrier jet.

Front Range rain changed to heavy, wet snowfall. Sunday will be clear and dry in Denver.

Snow continues until midnight for Divide ski areas like Loveland, A-Basin, Keystone, Summit County, Winter Park, and Eldora with additional accumulation. Sunday is a powder day.

Radar at 3:30pm 2/3:

Forecast Jet Stream

Next storm system hammers CA/Sierra 2/4-2/5 with 6 months worth of rain in Los Angeles and feet of Sierra snow accumulation. Notice the jet orientation and rich moisture transport optimized. This delivers a moderate to strong AR surge.

Then, this storm system moves into UT/ID/WY/MT/CO/NM with feet of snow accumulation 2/5-2/9.

Forecast Radar & Satellite

Forecast Totals