Snowy period ahead for the West

Tomer’s Take

  • 3-4 different April storm systems will slide across the West through 4/19 with significant grand total snowfall at mid and higher elevations.
  • This will put the brakes on the Spring melt while adding new snow accumulation to mid and higher elevations.

Bulk of snow timeline:

Wasatch: 4/11-4/13, 4/16-4/17

Tetons: 4/10-4/14, 4/16-4/17

Colorado Zones: 4/11-4/13, 4/17

California Sierra: 4/11, 4/14-4/16

The current infrared satellite shows the storm track and Pacific storm systems lined-up.

Infrared satellite 4/10 7am.

Snow Forecast


Inches of total snow 4/10-4/15.


Inches of total snow 4/16-4/19.

Utah’s Wasatch, 4/10-4/19:

Inches of total snow 4/10-4/19.

Colorado’s Central and Northern Mountain zones, 4/10-4/19:

Inches of total snow 4/10-4/19.

4 thoughts on “Snowy period ahead for the West

  1. Jim Simasko

    Good to hear that more snow is on the way since overall the snowpack is below average. Good news!

  2. Tim Cooney

    Thanks so much Chris for the update. Your reports here and on UTube were a big help in planning our ski trips these past couple months and following the powder.

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