Deep snow in the Sangre De Cristo’s

Tomer’s Take:

  • Total maximum new snow between 5/20-5/25 above treeline in the Sangre De Cristo’s likely ranged from 1-4 feet. Amounts below treeline were likely on the low end of this range with melting and compaction.
  • The biggest totals might favor East facing slopes.
  • SWE maxed out at 4.1″ over Hayden Pass and 3.8″ at South Colony 5/20-5/25.
  • A sharp cut-off might exist (N to S) with a lot less snow accumulation south of the Crestone Group.
  • Three straight days of wind gusts to 65mph likely generated significant drifting.

Custer County Search and Rescue is warning Memorial Day Weekend hikers and climbers. Full winter gear on the 13ers and 14ers.

New Snow 5/20-5/25

A guess at maximum new snow 5/20-5/25 (assuming all snow and no mixing):

  • Crestone Peak: 38″ (3.8″ SWE)
  • Hayden Pass: 41″ (4.1″ SWE)
  • Rio Alto Peak: 36-41″

Air temps below treeline warmed above freezing most days suggesting snow compaction and melting.

Snow depth as of 5/26.

Snow Forecast

A cold front delivers new snow to Colorado 5/29-5/30.

Snow forecast 5/26-6/4:

Inches of total snow 5/26-6/4.

6 thoughts on “Deep snow in the Sangre De Cristo’s

  1. Cooper

    Thanks Chris! Any knowledge into how much Blanca group got? Similar to Crestones?

    1. christomer Post author

      Hi Cooper –
      I believe based on local observations that a very sharp (N to S) cut-off exists with a lot less snow accumulation south of the Crestone Group. So, that would suggest a fraction of the accumulation occurred on the Blanca Group. And, it appears the biggest totals favor East facing slopes. Chris

  2. Tim+&+Carrie+Cooney

    We drove through the Wet valley area on Tuesday and were impressed with the amount of snow coverage on the peaks. We had driven through there a week earlier and the range looked mostly melted off and the valley looked parched. Tuesday, the peaks were fully covered in New snow and the valley was blanketed with 3-4 inches which was melting off rapidly. Also, what we could see of the Sawatch indicated they received significant new amounts as well.

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