Andrea Sansone finishes Nolan’s sub 46 hours setting new FKT

  • Andrea Sansone set new supported woman’s Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the Nolan’s14 course going south to north in 45:52 between 9/10-9/11.
  • Prior supported woman’s FKT (10/3/2020): Sabrina Stanley 48:49.
  • The overall FKT is held by Joey Campanelli at 41:00 on 7/2/2020.
  • Nolan’s requires athletes complete fourteen 14ers in less than 60 hours. This equates to about 100 miles of distance and 44,000ft of climbing in the Sawatch mountain range between Salida and Leadville.
  • Sansone also holds the overall FKT for most 14ers in 24 hours.

“This was the hardest yet most rewarding accomplishment I’ve experienced so far, and an impossible feat without my crew. I’ve never been pushed so hard by an incredible group of athletes – they wanted this for me as much as I wanted it. It was their dedication and incredible effort that made this attempt successful.” – Andrea Sansone

FKT crew.
Andrea finds clear skies above with fog below.

The Setup

A few weeks ago I received a text from Andrea. I love getting these because they normally include some ambitious future project!

Fast forward to last week and it was game-on for Nolans14 FKT. I was hooked. Then the wildfire smoke and two cold fronts started showing up in my morning weather analysis. Normally, September is dead quiet after the Monsoon. But, in recent years wildfire smoke has become commonplace.



Andrea Sansones’ Garmin InReach Nolans14 FKT final track.

According to Andrea, this was a crux moment (possibly the crux moment):

“It was pretty incredible how miserable I was, that we seem to almost immediately forget the pain. Andrew told me I could quite (I was so close to making that call…) but I would regret it about 3 hours later when I was feeling better.”

Andrea and Andrew on course.
Andrea above the clouds.

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  1. Ann Curtis

    So proud of your grit Andrea and your steadfastness. As your other mama I in awe of your amazing talent, drive. Chris Timer, Andrew and your team are your wonderful pillars of support. Congratulations on a Herculean feat

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