We be peepin’

Leanne and I took a road trip and found vibrant Fall Color. I don’t recall seeing so much orange and red.

Classic Colorado: Fall color and snowcapped peaks.

We did a big loop from Denver to Hoosier Pass to Frisco then back to Denver. Cloud cover made the trip and photos even better.

Meadow of gold.

We were lucky to see moose out gathering their breakfast.

In total, there were at least four moose.

This weekend is peak color for the Central Mountains. Next weekend the Southern Mountains peak.

Reflection of life.

I’m struck by how quickly this time of the year passes. We witness these golden colors for about a month then the wind and snow hit erasing it all until next Fall. Good luck out there!

6 thoughts on “We be peepin’

  1. Patricia Casey

    Ah! The mysterious other half! Missed you on wearher this AM but glad you got out to see some of the beauty.

  2. Annette M Hayden

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos… so hard to chase and capture the wonder this time of year has to offer! 🙂

  3. Dan Miller

    My wife and I went to CB last weekend before this latest storm and only about 1/3 of the trees had changed. It amazes me how there can be completely green trees right next to those in yellow. Any idea how/why this happens? I also noticed the same phenomenon this year of dense patches of Red and Orange that seems really rare from past memories. I couldnt agree with you more Chris and commented to my wife last weekend that I wished this time of year with the changing of the colors would last 2mos!
    Be well,

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks, Dan. I’m not sure about the green/yellow patchiness, maybe drought? I’d love to return to CB during peak fall color there. Chris

  4. Diane Tomer

    Beautiful fall colors! Excellent photographs captured the beauty of the mountains for perfect leaf peeping!


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