Waiting game for the West

Tomer’s Take

  • A weak to moderate intensity atmospheric river continues in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia through 1/13 then ends.
  • I’m forecasting zero snowfall in CA and UT through 1/20.
  • Large high pressure dome dominates the West and Intermountain West through 1/20 with a couple minor fronts.
  • Waiting game: when will the high pressure break? We might have to wait until after 1/21.

Infrared satellite shows the current storm track and atmospheric river flow into the PNW.

Infrared satellite and storm track 1/11/2022 6am.

Here’s the latest integrated vapor transport (IVT) forecast for the Pacific Northwest (48N, 124.5W), which helps pinpoint the atmospheric river.

Looking down the road

High pressure remains strong across the West until possibly 1/21 or later.

Pressure anomalies valid 1/22-1/23, GFS interpretation.

Snow Forecast

The minor snow you see in Colorado occurs on 1/14 with a minor, fast-moving cold front.

Inches of total snow through 1/20.

For more analysis please watch my forecast video: