Snow forecast next 8 days across the West

Tomer’s Take

  • Final storm system of this cycle. Then high pressure builds.
  • Drier, warmer period 1/9-1/14 for the Intermountain West.
  • Pattern might change after 1/14.

Notice the storm track and lurking high pressure dome on the water vapor satellite image.

Water vapor satellite 1/7/2022 5am.

High Pressure

A ridge of high pressure builds 1/9-1/14 across the Intermountain West.

Forecast pressure anomalies valid 1/10/2022, GFS interpretation.

When does it break? Maybe after 1/14. This is 1/17-1/18 –>

Forecast pressure anomalies valid 1/17-1/18, GFS interpretation.

Forecast Snow

Let’s look at my snow forecast in three time periods.


Inches of total snowfall 1/7-1/8.


Inches of total snowfall 1/9-1/13.


Inches of total snowfall 1/14-1/16.

For more analysis please watch my forecast video:

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