Snow forecast next 8 days

Tomer’s Take

  • A minor, fast cold front delivers a few snow showers on Tuesday in parts of WY, CO, and NM. Light accumulation.
  • High pressure rebuilds through 3/28.
  • The exception is the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, northern ID, and northwest MT where the storm track continues.
  • A storm system hits CA on 3/29 then moves east into ID, UT, MT, WY, CO, NM through 4/1.

Water vapor satellite shows the storm track and small cold front lined-up for WY, CO, NM. A big ridge of high pressure builds over CA.

Water vapor satellite 3/22/2022 4am. Orange/red = drier air aloft

Late March

Below, notice the forecast pressure anomalies valid 3/29 including lower pressures across the West.

Forecast pressure anomalies valid 3/22/2022, GFS interpretation.

Snow Forecast


Inches of total snow 3/22-3/23.


Inches of total snow 3/24-3/29.


Inches of total snow 3/30-3/31.

Northeast, 3/22-3/31:

Inches of total snow 3/22-3/31.

For more analysis please watch my forecast video: