Mountain weather update 10/7: two snow chances ahead

Two cold fronts are lined up for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

  • 1st front: Friday-Sunday in Colorado (snow level 10k)
  • 2nd front: Monday-Wednesday in Colorado (snow level 7k)
  • Full Forecast Video for this analysis:
10/7 Mountain Weather Update.
Pressure anomalies mid-atmosphere valid 10/9/2021, GFS interpretation.

Pressures drop and the jet stream buckles across the West. This sets the stage for colder temperatures and organized snowfall at ski areas. In addition, gusty wind is likely on higher peaks as the jet stream shaves those higher summits. For example, my forecast wind gusts:


Snowfall amounts seem more impressive with the 2nd cold front because it’s colder.

Forecast snowfall Alta, UT.
Forecast snowfall Berthoud Pass, CO.

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