High pressure with a wrinkle

Tomer’s Take

  • A cold front sneaks through the eastern periphery of this Western high pressure on Friday 1/14.
  • This fast-moving cold front delivers light snow accumulation to Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado on Friday 1/14. Then it’s back to dry weather for a week.
  • The most active weather occurs in British Columbia and at times WA.
  • When will a larger pattern change occur for the Intermountain West? Data is mixed and confidence is low. There are signs of a stronger cold front around the 22nd or later, but even this could be optimistic.

The infrared satellite shows the storm track. The jet stream remains most active in British Columbia and at times WA.

Infrared satellite and storm track, 1/13/2022 5am.

Longer Range

Looking down the road, a stronger cold front might brush the Intermountain West around 1/22 or later.

Pressure anomalies valid 1/22/2022, Euro interpretation.

Snow Forecast

A minor, fast-moving cold front hits MT, WY, and CO on 1/14 then it turns dry until 1/22-ish.


Inches of total snow 1/13-1/18.


The snow you see in MT, WY, and CO occurs on/around 1/22.

Inches of total snow 1/19-1/22.

For more analysis please watch my forecast video:

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