From major to minor

Tomer’s Take

  • At one point, the current Western storm system looked like it might develop into a major snowstorm in Colorado. Now it’s minor.
  • High pressure rebuilds 3/22-3/27.
  • A new Western storm system hits California on 3/27 then moves east into UT, ID, WY, MT, CO, NM on 3/28-3/29.
  • That’s followed by an active storm track in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, northern ID, and northwest MT 3/29-3/31.

Current Situation

8″/24 hours reported at Alta, UT.

7″/24 hours reported at Jackson Hole, WY.

Infrared satellite shows the storm track and current Western storm system.

Infrared satellite 3/21/2022 5am.


A new storm system hits California and the West Coast on/around 3/28. Below, notice the forecast pressure anomalies.

Forecast pressure anomalies valid 3/28/2022, GFS interpretation.

Snow Forecast


Inches of total snow 3/21-3/22.


Inches of total snow 3/23-3/27.


Inches of total snow 3/28-3/30.

Northeast, 3/21-3/30:

Inches of total snow 3/21-3/30.