April powder: snow continues

Tomer’s Take

  • Snow continues in OR, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO and NM. Additional accumulation likely.
  • Powerful jet stream will setup with a favorable WNW orientation and keeps the snow going in UT, WY, CO into 4/14.
  • Strong ridgeline and high peak wind gusts 4/12-4/13 in UT, CO, NM running 30-100mph.
  • Secondary small storm systems flushes northern CA with new snow on 4/14-4/15.
  • A third storm system hits CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY on 4/16 with moderate to heavy snow accumulation. It brushes the Wasatch and the northern mountains of CO. Takes a more northern track.

11″ New in the last 24 hours at Alta.

11″ New in the last 24 hours at Brighton.

8″ New in the last 24 hours at Snowmass.

Alta, UT 4/12/2022 11am.
Snowmass, CO 4/12/2022 11am.

Infrared satellite shows the storm track, WNW jet stream orientation, and storm systems lined-up.

Infrared satellite 4/12/2022 12pm.

Wind Forecast

Forecast (MPH)4/124/13
Crestone Peak10065
Capitol Peak6550
Kings Peak5040
Wheeler Peak7070
Mount Whitney5050

Snow Forecast


Inches of total snow 4/11-4/15.


Inches of total snow 4/16-4/21.

For more analysis please watch my forecast video:

2 thoughts on “April powder: snow continues

  1. Jeff Wilson

    Chris, you may remember me from messages and such last year. l lived in Arvada and followed you as I still do even though, in May of 21 we moved to north central New Mexico. We are at 7600′ elev. about 20 miles South of Angel Fire. The maps you post here just barely cover our area but I watch your snow predictions for that area and it is close enough to know what we are in for usually ( as much as a person can with weather….) anyway, thanks for the updates. We are experiencing some wild winds here, and due to a new fire on Hermit’s Peak just north of Las Vegas, we are keeping an eye on these westerly winds today and rest of this week. So, thanks again for all those years of contact with you and your weatherman expertise. It’s enjoyable to watch you in your passion of your career. Hope to keep up with you and your family as you grow ( unless you and wife…..Leanne ( had to look it up on FB) choose to keep it simple and childless)) I sure get that with the world we now live in. I often worry for our two young grandsons. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and keep up the forecasts that reach the southern tip of your area. Thanks. Jeff Wilson

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks, Jeff! Appreciate the note and thoughts. It does look like a very windy day across NM. I was just looking at some of the gusts around 70mph above Taos Ski Area/Wheeler Peak.


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