The Long Run

I’ve been a runner for over 20 years. This morning I read a quote by Tiger Woods and I started reflecting.

I’ve had every running injury in the book. It can be brutal and depressing at times. But, on the other hand I know many runners who somehow escape injuries and run for years without issue. I’ve read scientific studies that show it’s actually good for bones and joints. So, what to believe? Like most things, it probably comes down to each individual person.

Putting in the trail miles, August 2019.

I love quotes like this because they make you think. There’s wisdom in what Tiger is saying. It also makes you ponder aging and what comes next.

1 thought on “The Long Run

  1. Cole Noble

    I’m also plagued by running injuries when I try. It’s led me to seek out a few other sports that have been a little bit lower-impact. I also have friends who seem to have invincible legs, and run ultra-marathons the way I run up the stairs in the morning…

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