October forecast: Loveland Ski Area

Last year Loveland Ski Area experienced its latest opening date since 1979: November 11. Each season they shoot for late October or very early November. What does this season hold?

November 5, 2020. Photo by Dustin Schaefer of Loveland Ski Area.

Here’s a list of previous opening dates.

2020: 11/11

2019: 10/25

2018: 10/20

2017: 10/20

2016: 11/10

2015: 10/29

2014: 11/1

My Forecast

Overall, temps this October at Loveland will run warmer than normal (+1F to +2F each day). Overnight lows will permanently stay below freezing after October 5th. The overriding pattern this Fall/early Winter attempting to take hold is La Nina. My official 2020-2021 winter forecast video is here.

Total October snow at Loveland: 10″ (high-end 20″)

Heaviest Period: After the 14th

Opening Date: Late October

Overnight lows <32: After 5th