Looking back at Winter 2021-2022

Tomer’s Take:

  • Winter started late in many areas with warm/dry weather through most of November and early December.
  • December ended strong in the Sierra and across the Intermountain West with a few moderate to strong atmospheric river (AR) setups.
  • These AR’s hit parts of Colorado hard including above normal snowfall (100″) in Crested Butte.
  • Then the storm track changed and the flow dried up.
  • April delivered one last surge of snow to many places that were in desperate need.
  • April also brought a 100-150mph jet stream that followed La Nina architecture and sat over the Intermountain West for 3 weeks. Abnormally strong winds prevailed.

Forecast vs Reality

Here is the Winter forecast I published in August/September 2021.

Tomer winter forecast 2021-2022.
Tomer winter forecast 2021-2022.

Here are the preliminary season totals for comparison.

Winter 2021-2022 preliminary snow totals.

There were hits and misses. A few highlights:

  • Hit: Below normal snowfall Sierra Mountains
  • Hit: Below normal snowfall Colorado’s Southern Mountains
  • Hit & Miss: Normal snowfall across parts (not all) of Colorado’s Central and Northern Mountains
  • Hit: Above normal snowfall across parts of the PNW
  • Miss: I predicted normal snowfall across the Wasatch
  • Worst Miss: I predicted above normal snowfall in the Tetons
  • Miss: I predicted normal snowfall across Colorado’s Front Range ski areas

A few specifics, snowfall in inches:

Wolf Creek385430
Crested Butte234234
Jackson Hole334526
Park City194355
Snowfall in inches.

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Colorado backcountry skiing 2022.

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  1. Vickie Staack

    Thank you so much for all of the great information on this blog! You helped us navigate the storms and prepare for the hits!


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