Manaslu summit push

Most teams on Manaslu (8163m/26,781′) will push for the summit next week. This includes my good friend (and client) Ryan Kushner and teammate Jeff Heiderer. Colin Miller was also part of the team but had to leave early for health reasons. Jeff was with Ryan on G2 in 2019.

Ryan shot this stunning video after a round of acclimatization at Camp 3 (~22,000′).

The weather has been abnormally wet/snowy on Manaslu from the start of Ryan’s expedition. I sent a note to the team two weeks prior to their departure saying, “I’m glad you’re not leaving for another two weeks because it’s incredibly wet/snowy over there right now. Looks very Monsoon-esque.”

Well, that pattern continued during the early parts of their trek into basecamp. The pattern is gradually improving now with more “dry” days mixed in. Summit winds remain incredibly light with most days featuring low clouds socking-in the valleys.

Ryan and team are climbing to raise funds for Alpine Rescue Team (ART) in Colorado. ART saved Ryan’s life two years ago after a fall. I’ve worked with ART over the years and seen them in action. They are first-rate professionals. Please consider donating at this link.

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  1. Marcia Souser

    Chris, Thank you for sharing this important update. Best wishes to everyone for a safe and rewarding climb! To my nephew Ryan: GO TEAM!!

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