Life change: Moving on from Daybreak

It’s time for a change. I’ve worked at KDVR/KWGN-TV for 18 years. I’ve spent 10+ of those years waking up at 2:30am working a mix of Channel 2’s Daybreak and FOX-31’s Good Day Colorado.

Most people say to me, “I don’t know how you work those hours.” I don’t either but I’ve enjoyed it! I’m used to alpine starts for mountaineering, but doing it 5 days per week (or more) is exhausting and unhealthy. It’s time to close this chapter of my life.

What’s next? My last day on Daybreak is this Thursday November 3.  On January 3, 2023 I’ll be moving full-time to Great Day Colorado (9-10am M-F) as co-host and working with a fantastic team.  I’ll also have additional weather and lifestyle reporting responsibilities on the show.  In the interim, I’ll be assisting the weather team by working afternoon/evenings through November and December.

The decision has been stressful, but I’ve had incredible support from my wife Leanne, close friends, and family.

I’m grateful to the station for this new opportunity. I always say it’s the people that make the difference in this business. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime.

See you on the summit! Chris

This is my favorite promo of the last 10+ years. The creative service team did a great job.

Some fun times over the years –>

107 thoughts on “Life change: Moving on from Daybreak

  1. Theresa Marie Berrien

    Oh, you are the only reason I watch Daybreak, I will be following you over to Great Day Colorado!

    1. Martha Perantoni

      Congratulations! Change is always good, particularly when it’s for all the right reasons.

    2. Dolores

      Chris is also the only reason I watch daybreak. Chris P is very irritating. I don’t need his personal comments or singing. Now I can watch Kurt without changing the channel. See you on your new show.

  2. Linda Schroyer

    You will be greatly missed on the morning team, no doubt! Glad you’ll still be around giving great outdoor advice as well as tips and tricks concerning the great outdoors. Good luck in your new position, no doubt you’ll kill it!

      1. Beverly Mallard

        You are my go to guy for the weather!!!!! I will catch up to you from your move. Good luck and glad you can get some sleep.

  3. April

    Very exciting new chapter! I, too, closed a significant professional chapter this month to move full time to the mountains. Thanks for your snow forecasts for Idaho— here’s hoping for a snowy winter ❄️❄️ And best of luck w the new gig.

  4. Matt K.

    Thanks for such a consistent, detailed job well done throughout the years Chris! There’s a reason we all look forward to your updates and segments every day. Congrats on the new hosting gig; extremely well-deserved.

      1. Jan Reyes Ramos

        You will be missed A lot but I am happy for you enjoy your new change where did Joanna go I have beef trying to find out?

  5. Mickey

    Huge congrats Chris – you and another former forecaster who is no longer in the biz, were my favorites. Best of luck with the new gig and will continue to read and watch you on the side hustle. Hopefully the change means more free time in the mountains for you now!

  6. Dave Wilson

    It has been a great experience and informative to watch you and your forecast on daybreak Chris. From my perspective the main reason I tuned in daybreak was to watch your weather segments. Good luck and prospective in your new adventures!! Will be looking for your new homes wherever they are! Can Perenta get along with out harassing you in the mornings? 😀

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks, Dave! Appreciate you watching. I’ll still be here at the station just on a different schedule. I’ll keep doing my mountain weather forecasts. Chris

  7. Cindy

    Congratulations on this chapter closing and a new door opening for you. There comes a time in everyone’s life for a change. I have also started a new chapter. Well I hate to see you go. You are the only weather meteorologist I believe. I will miss your weather readings. I wish you and your family the very best wishes. Thanks for all the weather readings.

  8. Diane B

    Oh my, I’m happy for you & sad for me. I’ll miss you in the mornings. Always trusted your forecasts. Congratulations on this new chapter. #missingchristomer

  9. Shelley Hall

    Congratulations! Sounds like a great new opportunity. Love your forecasts on this site. Really helps planning! Hopefully you can enjoy more time in the mountains.

  10. Abigail Jensen

    Congratulations- tough decision I’m sure – I bet it feels great now. Will you continue your weather blog? You are truly the best in the biz! Will follow you on over…best of luck!

  11. Kristin Z

    Hearty congrats, Chris!!!!! Best wishes in the next adventures!!! See ya on the trails!—kz

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks, Kristin! This is a needed change for me. I’ll still be doing my mountain weather forecasts and see you out on the trails! Chris

  12. Kim

    I’m glad you’re doing what’s best for you, but you will be missed. You’re my favorite weather dude! I’ll be watching you still on Great Day. Congratulations! Best to you always. 😊👍🏻

  13. Doug Rudnik

    Chris, not only have I enjoyed following your posts, I have found them to be extremely helpful and educational. You’re the best. Period. Thank you! Please continue to let us know how to hook up with you in your new social media spaces. I hope you will continue to do weather workshops. I wish you the very best, my friend! I know you will do well.

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks, Doug! I can still remember the first time we met many years ago. I’ll still be here just with different hours. And, I’ll still be doing all my mountain weather forecasts. Chris

  14. David Cox

    Oh, Tomer, congratulations! My wife and I will miss you greatly. We have watched you with our wake-up coffee every weekday morning for years and years (when you’re not off climbing somewhere). I know this is a good thing for you, and we wish you well. You have been our favorite on this broadcast through Tom and Natalie, Ernie, Angie, and Kim. You are the steady rock that we have always been able to count on. Thank you for that, and I know we will enjoy seeing you whenever we can at other times during the day or night. I’m glad you are not leaving the station. Well deserved. Good job!

  15. Patricia Casey

    Noooooo!!! You’re the primary reason we watch Channel 2 and the most accurate weather forecaster we rely on. You will be sorely missed Chris Tomer! But I hear you about 18 years doing 2AM starts. Post-Covid I can’t imagine ever having to go back to spending 2 hours a day driving to and from an office to complete work I could do remotely. I hope you will still be able to give us weather updates for our local mountains! Now it’s time to either put a harness on the cat or get yourself a furry hiking buddy! Enjoy your new adventure!

  16. Julie Dowswell

    You are by far the best weatherman in Colorado. I’m happy for your new opportunity but sad to miss you on daybreak. Enjoy sleeping in and starting a new path (trail)!

  17. Cristi

    You are the main event as I start my mornings. I know exactly what to expect from the weather and repeat your forecasts to family and friends during the week. I start a sentence at least once a week with “Tomer says”. Best of luck with your change and I’ll have to watch Good Day now!

  18. Murray Froehlich

    Happy you are staying in town Chris!!!
    Enjoy staying up past 8 pm.

  19. Ann Curtis

    The Lord and Creator of all things is surely guiding your path. So very happy for you but sooo sad for us who really believe you are the best. Keep on being a light in this world and you will be blessed. Prayers heavenward for a smooth transition. WHand of God is on you and your ill be used greatly in your new role. God Bless, Chris, Ann Curtis

  20. Scott McClarrinon

    A surprise to hear of the change, but change is good. A long time you’ve been in your current role. Best of luck.

  21. Kathy

    Well, drat. You’re the main reason I watch Daybreak. Congrats on this new venture and thanks for all the weather forecasts.

  22. Kelly

    Nooooo!!!! But also Congratulations!!! You’re seriously the best meteorologist. No one goes as in depth as you do. Your work is incredible. You are the main reason I watch Daybreak. Best of luck on your next venture!

  23. C.J.

    Once again, a certain a$$hole ND makes hell there. Good for you for making the call to make the change. It’s hard, but it will be better. And Daybreak has three less viewers because we watch for you and the Panhandle Hooker storm systems. Wish you were going to give the weather on a different station (maybe that’s still possible?). Anyway, congrats. Change is good.

  24. Julie Crumbaugh

    Sorry that the most reliable meteorologist in Colorado will not be there on my morning news but happy for you to pursue better options for you & your family! Thank you for your time and you will be missed!

  25. Paula McMaster

    Best time of year for a change🍁. Enjoy the new journey you are about to start.
    I will continue to follow you.
    All the best to you and yours Chris!

  26. Margie Kehr

    You are the Best of Daybreak. No one can match you. I get it and I wish you the best on your new venture. We all need change to grow.

  27. Erin

    Chris, Not only have I relied on your forecasts for years but looked forward to them in the mornings. You will be missed but I agree a healthier choice is a wise one. Will you be continuing your blog?
    Many thanks for the years of forecasting!

    1. christomer Post author

      Hi Erin, thanks! I’ll still be at the station just on different hours. I’ll continue with my mountain weather forecasts, blog, and YouTube channel! Chris

  28. Lisa Flanigan

    Congratulations Chris! I always looked forward to your weather reports. When my husband reported a forecast different from yours, I would say, “ That’s not what Chris Tomer said!” 😂. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure and I will be tuning in, along with your blog posts and YouTube videos.

  29. Kathleen

    So happy for you! Loved getting your forecast early but life changes. I’ll see you on Great Day Colorado which I watch now. A healthy choice for you and your mountaineering. I wish you all the luck on your new life adventure!

  30. Betty Martinez

    You will be greatly missed, always count on your weather report. I always say did Chris report that? If anyone said different, they usually were wrong. Count on that know how of Chris. We will miss you early mornings telling us what to expect for the day, and what time to expect it. Good luck on your new voyage. Congratulations 👏👏

  31. Becky

    Congratulations Chris!!!! I am going to miss you, will watch you on channel 31 when possible, you truly on the best in the biz!!!!!

  32. M. Nowak

    Chris Tomer, like many others the only reason I watch Daybreak is for your weather reports….
    You do a really great job and keep it educational with your explanations of the upcoming weather changes..
    Thanks for all you do…
    I’ll be tuning in on the new gig.
    Best of luck… Mike

    1. christomer Post author

      Thanks so much, Mike! Appreciate the kind words.

      I’ll still be at the station just on a different schedule, which i’m really looking forward to. I’ll continue with my mountain weather, blog, and YouTube channel.


  33. Laurel Kenny

    Oh Chris Tomer. Consummate professional and meteorologist extraordinaire. I was in a funk all day yesterday having learned that I would no longer be planning my outdoor activities by watching your polished weather delivery each morning. But people need to change and grow, and I certainly understand your reasons. Great Day Colorado now has a new viewer! Thank you for all you have done for us and best wishes with your next steps.

  34. Tim Bicknell

    Your the MAN! Thanks for getting up so early for all those years
    Love yuh man!!!

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